Saturday, May 29, 2010

Baby's 2nd ultrasound

Or his 20th if you count all the ultrasounds while I was pregnant.

Thursday I got a call in the afternoon from daycare. Michael was not having a good day and was running a slight (99.2) fever. His morning had been off and I figured that it was due to that and 99.2 didn't sound like too much of a fever so I waited until I got through my afternoon meetings and picked him up a little early.

He seemed fine but his fever got a little higher later in the evening. He didn't really have any other symptoms. I sent my husband out for some new generic tylenol to give him. I think the highest his fever ever got was about 101 and he was tired and a little fussy, but really not too bad.

We decided for DH to stay home with him Friday and I would take off around noon and come home. I told my secretary what was going on and she has 3 kids that were notorious for being sick, so she has a lot of experience and kinda gave me hell for not having taken him to the dr yet. She said with the hundreds of sicknesses she has dealt with, the fever is always better in the morning, comes back in the afternoon and climbs in the evening and then you can't get anyone, and with this being a holiday weekend I had better get him seen now. Well, seeing how this is our first illness and she is a "pro" at children's illnesses, I took her advice and made an appointment for him.

The pediatrician couldn't really find anything and just thinks it's a respiratory virus and told us that we were doing fine and unless things got worse not to worry about it. Keep doing what we are doing. Totally didn't need to pay $25 and disrupt the poor kid's nap to hear that, but the reassurance is nice.

However, the pediatrician took a look at his testicles (this is a normal part of the exam, I guess) and thought he might have a hernia or a hydrocele. So they set us up an ultrasound to check.

Now, don't think, "Wow, it's good you went in anyhow since he was able to catch this!" I'm kinda pissed because this was there at his 2 month appointment and he didn't say anything about it. It's probably more pronounced than it was then, but not much. And we were scheduled to take him in for his 4 month check up next Friday anyhow.

And M wasn't really in a good mood since he hadn't gotten his naps that day and waiting around for another 45mins for a ultrasound was on the limits of his patience. And he wasn't too wild about the u/s either... can't blame him, I don't like getting my junk poked by a u/s wand either, but it was a lot easier than his cardiac echo. Luckily I have picked up a few tricks since then and I used his blanket to trap his arms and keep him still, à la escape proof swaddle. I feel like I'm being mean when I swaddle him like that, but he really finds it comforting.

Anyhow, it looks like a hydrocele. His pediatrician is setting up a pediatric urology appointment. I don't think they are normally too much of a problem and go away on their own within a year. And, of course, I already googled "hydrocele and infertility" and didn't really see anything too scary yet.

And since I'm posting about the kid again (I don't really do anything else these days do I), tomorrow is he will be 4 months. Wow, longest 4 months of my life. Greatest 4 months of my life. And most stressful. He seems to be a trooper about this first fever. Daycare is going much better and he is eating very well. He was a whopping 20lbs at the ped's office yesterday! The smallest clothes he wears now are 12 months and he wears some 18-24 month stuff! He has also started "sucking his thumb"... I use the quotes because he hasn't really figured it out completely yet, but I figure it's only a matter of time since both me and DH were huge thumb suckers.

Anyhow, I got some pic this morning. A little warm still, but not too sick to have some fun in his super booster.


Sophie said...

I hope he feels better soon :(, poor kiddo. I am so worried about how I'm gonna react when Mirabel gets her first fever :P. I freak out over the littlest things...

Michelle said...

Awwww he is so cute! I love his cheeks! He is following K's growth. And I meant to comment that about the tooth post too. Flashbacks when I read some of your updates.
Good luck with the referral. I hope everything is ok.

Kate said...

OMG, 20lb? Have just hit 9lb here with our crap weight gain. Glad the fever is nothing too exciting.

The Lynchs said...

Those cheeks are super squeezable! Hope he feels better!