Friday, May 7, 2010

Cooling off

I'm really making an effort to let go of things easier and not to waste my time on drama. So I have tried to look past some of the daycare BS and cool down a little.

Because it's not all bad.

I do really like the girls that actually take care of Michael. They really do give him a lot of attention. They listen to me when I try to tell them how to help them, but I can't say everything I need to to each of them.

I decided to bring in one of his kiddopotomus swaddles Thursday morning and it really helped him to nap better. I hadn't taken it in before because it's fleece and it gets hot in the baby house in the afternoon. I have always provided an Aden and Anis muslin blanket for swaddling, but I think they swaddle funny there and I don't think he likes it as well. So today I went ahead and ordered some cotton kiddopotmoius swaddles.

I'm hoping that better napping will help improve the feeding situation. Sometimes breastfed babies "reverse cycle" and start consuming all their calories at night and don't eat during the day. He doesn't seem to be doing that just yet (although I think we are on the edge), and I kinda hope he doesn't start, because I really need sleep and don't want to be up every couple hours at night again... that is so hard to do.

Right now, I'm worried that switching his daycare will not actually make a difference in the feeding issue and will require him to have to adjust to a new schedule again as he is just getting better adjusted to this one. I just hate the thought of putting him through that if I don't need to.

Since I can't do anything right now I think I need to just sit back and see if things get better over the next couple of weeks... if they do I probably shouldn't make things worse by switching him... if they don't I know what I have to do.

And although I hate the director that doesn't really affect his care and isn't as important as other factors.

I think I must sound crazy... yesterday I couldn't bear the thought of keeping him there another day and today I don't want to move him out. I'm obviously still having doubts about both of my options, but the best thing right now is probably to wait and see and continue to try to get things better for him.

Anyhow, this is on my fridge now

His little hand prints are kinda blob-y because he likes to keep them in fists.

They do crafts with the babies. It's kinda comical that the babies do crafts, but I love it. I wouldn't have even thought to do something like this with him on my own. How cool is it that there is stuff that my kid "made" on my fridge? Today he "worked" on a "Peek-a-boo Board" and apparently a "very special surprise" (probably a Mother's Day craft). Yeah, it's definitely not all bad.

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Michelle said...

Awwww that's cute they do baby crafts! I'm slowly catching up on blogs so I'll go back through to see what the drama is you were talking about. I hope that it can be fixed and you don't have to switch him. I know that the kids I watch had a rough week this past week with me being gone and with the back up sitter switch. It made me feel bad when I heard.