Tuesday, May 18, 2010

If you ask me about my kid

I'm going to tell you probably more than you wanted to know.

When people ask, "How's it going?" You are supposed to give a nice, light-hearted answer and keep the truth to yourself.

For myself, I will cheerfully say whatever pleasantry fits, but ask my about my kid and I'll give you more than you wanted. Probably because I get pretty stressed about kid stuff... I mean after all, he is my world, the smallest details of his life keep me awake at night.

So that gets us to the daycare issue again. He seems to be doing better. Somedays are not as good as others. A step forward, a step back... I think we are taking more forward than backward.

Our only real problem right now is the eating. It's very difficult to say what is or isn't enough these days... it depends on so much. How much did he eat at home? How much at daycare? Is something else bothering him and affecting his appetite (like allergies)? How hungry did he seem at pick up? How did he nurse at home? If they are offering him bottles all day long, he is only drinking a couple of ounces out of every bottle, maybe that really is all he needs? Can it be alright for him to take 16oz one day and 9 the next? Could it be alright for him to take 9 everyday?

According to the girls there, all the children tend to have a favorite caregiver. His favorite is apparently Jenn. I actually think he likes her because she is new and he just hates everyone that was there when we started out. There is another new girl that just started too, maybe he'll like her too.

So things seem to be going better, but I can never really tell. I'm always left uneasy about the situation. I don't expect that I will ever feel like I don't have to worry about the situation, but it will be nice to worry less.

I'm still not sure if moving him will actually help. He likes some of the workers. And they apparently spend A LOT of time holding him (and I believe them on this)... if he went to an in home provider would he get as much attention? I can't see how someone watching 4 children by herself could spend more time with just him than the several girls that work at our current center. If is just taking him a long time to adjust will make things worse by moving him for no benefit?

And things do seem to be getting better. Seem.

Anyhow, so "former boss" (he still works here but is getting ready to retire) casually asks me how Michael is doing the other day and I tell him the whole story. Then I say, "I don't know what to do, short of quitting." Then he says, "Well, maybe we should offer daycare here."

Yes, maybe we should. Damn I wish he was still in charge.


Michelle said...

Daycare at work would be the perfect answer!
I can't speak for all at home sitters/daycare situations, but I know that the kids I watch get more attention here than at a daycare. But, I only watch 2. Before they came here, the sitter watched a total of 5 and all were under 2 yrs old. I know for a fact that the baby was left to cry a lot.
Now, there is the advantages to the daycare as well, which I'm finding out and sort of regretting my choices a little now. As he gets older, he will have friends to play with. He will have group activities, and get great chances with social developement.
With all that said, if you are having an uneasy feeling, it wouldn't hurt to search around a little and see if anywhere else makes you feel a little more settled. I hope it all works out and gets easier!

Amanda said...

We are still checking out the in home providers that we have appointments setup with.

The social aspect of his daycare is a big reason why we don't want to move him too.

Anonymous said...

Oh, yeah daycare at work would be perfect.
I'm sorry that the daycare situation is stressful for you. A home daycare might be a great situation, but go with your gut and check references. I think I would feel a little more comfortable with a center, but that's probably because I used to work in one (not with infants though).

How are YOU doing lately?

Jessica White said...

Too bad that boss is leaving! Daycare is tough...thus why I decided to stay home...Where we live there aren't many choices of providers. There's one daycare within 40 miles (that isn't in someone's home) and it costs $1200 a month (that's a lot for us). I see our friends/family struggling with daycare.

As another poster asked: How are you doing?