Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Off Color

So behind... where does the time go?

Anyhow, I've been meaning to post this.

My husband went and refilled my metformin for me the other day. They ran out of my normal met and had to fill it partially with met produced by another lab. This met looks totally different than what I normally take. It makes me uncomfortable. I love my met, LOVE IT. I'm going to be all kinds of hypochondriac when I get to these weirdo pills.

The white one is what I normally take and is made by Barr... the pink one is made by Teva. I also find it strange that the pink one looks smaller. Anyone else take pink met?

Something else off color at my house...

There is (well, was) a white lily growing amongst my mulberry lilies. You'll see the pink lilies next to the mulberry ones, but this was definitely white. Weirdo.

And just because those pictures don't really do my lilies justice, this was from a few days earlier. You can see that white one was a late bloomer.


juliane2004 said...

By 'met' do you mean metformin?

If so, my metformin (taken for diabetes purposes at one point) look more like this:

So I do think they can look different, but it can't help to double check with a pharmacist.

Amanda said...

They are met (metformin)... the pharmacist explained everything, I just don't like changing from what I'm used to.

JW Moxie said...

I wish I had a love affair with Met. I like the fact that I can lose weight with it, but it usually comes at the expense of some fairly severe gastro wierdness going on.

Your garden is BEAUTIFUL! I can't get much more to grow than glorified weeds.

Anonymous said...

I've never seen pink met before! Mine is always white. I think I have had a number of brands over the years, but the only difference I ever notice is the smell. Some smell "fishier" than others.

Your garden is amazing! I wish I had lilies like that!

Thanks for your comment about breastfeeding. I think your suggestion about having S give her a bottle of formula in the afternoon/early evening is a good one.

Michelle said...

Your flowers are so pretty!!

Anonymous said...

When I was taking Met it occassionally changed shape but not color!! That would make me worry too. Ask your pharmacy to change it back when they can. Also, thanks so much for the post it reminded me to take my pills this morning.


The Lynchs said...

Your garden is GORGEOUS! I should fly you out to Tennessee, haha!