Thursday, June 3, 2010

The Urologist

Well, we were supposed to see a pediatric urologist, but he is apparently taking off the month of June, but we could see his nurse practitioner instead. I know I'm a little weird, but I prefer to see an actual DOCTOR. So I asked my Ped's office if there was anyone else. They got me an appointment with a regular (non-pediatric) urologist that is willing to see children.

Michael was awesome this morning. He was great in the waiting room, smiling and making happy squeals. I could tell he was getting hungry because he was trying to latch onto my husband's chest, but luckily we didn't have to wait too long to get called back. I know I shouldn't be so squeamish, but I didn't want to have to nurse him in front of a waiting room full of old men.

The nurse looked at my husband and asked him if he needed to use the restroom ahead of time. Um, no, Michael is the baby. (I guess it takes all kinds, but I normally try to not drag my child a half hour away for a drs appointment that isn't for him.)

We didn't have to wait on the dr for long, but he made the same mistake about my husband being the patient when he came in the room too. People! Did we fill out the paper work for nothing?

Actually backing up a little, I had to go back to M's clinic yesterday night to pick up a CD of his ultrasound that the Uro's office requested because the radiologist's report wasn't good enough... which wouldn't have been a big deal, but I had to take the kid with me, and the poor child was actually napping and I had to wake him up to take him in.

So I asked the Uro if he had looked at the ultrasound that we had brought. He said he wasn't going to look at it and probably would not have ordered one if it were him. GREAT! I put my kid through an ultrasound he didn't need and then went back to get a copy of it that no one needed either. GREAT!

Anyhow... with the size of M's hydrocele, the Uro doesn't think it will go away on it's own and M will probably need surgery when he is about 1. We will go back in December to take another look at it, but unless it has really reduced in size, my poor baby is going to need surgery.

I'd just like to take a second here to throw a pity party for Michael. He was sick last week, he found out he will probably have to have surgery today, and tomorrow he has his 4 month appointment which means shots. Poor kid. Life is hard for a baby.


Michelle said...

Awwwwww :( I hope he can avoid surgery.
I just had to take the baby I watch for his 6 month appt yesterday. I forgot how horrible it is to watch one that tiny get shots. I almost cried with him.

Sophie said...

Surgery :(? Poor kiddo. Seeing little ones suffer like that is the worst!

Celia said...

That's terrible. I mean, thank God they can fix it, but poor baby for needing it.

Anonymous said...

Oh poor baby! I'm sorry that he may need surgery. And for being sick and for shots. Poor little guy! And how irritating that he didn't look at the ultrasound and that your time was wasted getting a copy of it. Ugh.
Will you be taking him to the pediatric urologist for the followup?

c by the sea said...

Thanks for the tip on the newborn rental program. i had actually looked for one a while back and only found one in canada. we do have some size XS and S bum.genius, but were planning on using sposies for a few weeks until we get our bearings. the rental program sounds perfect!