Tuesday, June 22, 2010

What's been going on

I am so tired... I think the last couple weeks are really getting to me.

Michael has been fighting a cold for a couple of weeks now. I had taken him in once for it, but a week and a half later, he still sounded like crap, so I took him in again on Friday. Despite all the vibration and rough breathing I was assured that it was still all upper respiratory. But the copay was not wasted! We caught his first ear infection, just getting started up. So between the lingering cold and the ear infection, the ped offered antibiotics, and I accepted without hesitation.

Oh and by the way, both DH and I have picked up his cold too. I'm afraid to take unnecessary meds, so I'm kinda miserable right now.

I went to fill the prescription and found out that our insurance policy was cancelled! Yes, cancelled, despite the fact that my husband is still employed and paying premiums. So while holding a crying baby in a busy pharmacy that was abnormally hot (it's right in the entrance to our clinic and it was a VERY hot day) I got to deal with that crap too. Turns out they cancelled our current policy to start a new one with a different number because DH's HR turned in the wrong social security number. The new cards were in the mail (not doing me any good).

But actual tragedy struck when I got home. SIL's mother died somewhat suddenly. She has been battling heart problems for years and we knew that her time was winding down, but she got a septic infection and passed rather suddenly. I felt horrible for SIL. She was very close to her mom.

SIL's parents have kinda become somewhat extended family. They celebrate many holidays with DH's family and like to be included when appropriate. I felt terrible that we hadn't taken Michael to meet her. We were planning on them seeing him for the 4th of July. We hadn't taken to meet him them because he doesn't travel well. That excuse felt a bit empty saying it to SIL's dad. Of course the irony there was that we had been avoiding taking him on long car trips and now we had to take him to on one anyhow to go to the funeral.

The funeral was Monday. I have to say, although there were tough times traveling, Michael did really well. Our biggest problem when traveling is getting him to eat. He has decided that he absolutely will not take a bottle from us. And it's hard to BF him in the car because he likes to look around so much that he won't eat unless he is starving.

I haven't been to a funeral in awhile, but it used to be that you wore black or drab colors. Can I just say that I was shocked with all the color and springy dresses. Is this common these days?

I was also shocked at the number of babies there (not that that is a bad thing). There were just tons of little ones. But it was so cute... DH's cousin was holding SIL's baby and sat next to me. The boys kept trying to hold hands. So precious. But of course we couldn't let them since Michael has a cold.

Then when we were back at SIL's house, one of SIL's friends was there with her baby that was just 2 weeks older than Michael. She got out her nursing cover and BF'd her little girl on the couch. Michael started to get hungry so I sat next to her and did it too. I felt really cool doing it without a cover in front of everyone. One of DH's uncles even came over to look at the "sleeping" baby and I'm not sure he even realized that I was feeding him.

The ride home was rough. M was tired and didn't want to sleep but we made it back and he hit the hay quick as soon as we got him ready for bed.

This is going to sound weird, but it may have actually been a good thing M didn't go to daycare Monday because one of the other babies got Hand, Foot and Mouth disease. They didn't find out until today, so given the highly contagious nature of it, he will probably get it too, but my fingers are crossed that we may have dodge that bullet. He has just been sick so much since starting day care, it would be nice to get a breather. The antibiotics have kicked in and he is starting to get over this cold. I was looking forward to having a healthy baby again. I knew that day cares were notorious for spreading illnesses, but this is getting a wee bit ridiculous.

So that is why I'm tired.


-MissC* said...

I have been fighting a cold this last week too. Do you find that you get sick easier with PCOS? I have felt that I do. I woke up today with my entire tummy swollen and pained to the touch. I can only think of having a few cysts today. It put so much pressure on my tummy I had acid reflux too. lol That on top of the cold just sucks!
Sorry about the loss. I think it has become a trend to wear lighter colored clothes to funerals. More of a celebration for life I think.
Thanks for your post!

Celia said...

Poor Boo, that is a rough week. I caught hand foot and mouth from the infants when I worked in daycare. I also got pinkeye THREE TIMES. Babies are just cuddly petrie dishes. Just imagine how much sicker M would be if he wasn't breastfed. Good Lord.

We had a bunch of rich( a-hole) parents who would give their kids tylenol to bring down their fevers so the parents could go into work for the morning. Then when the baby "suddenly" developed a fever they would come pick them up. Nice.

I have not noticed the colors, but I am SHOCKED at how much cleavage I see at funerals now.

Anonymous said...

Nice job catching the ear infection early. I can't believe they canceled your insurance policy! I'm sorry about your SIL's mother. That is very sad. Nice job nursing him in front of everyone. Did you use the baby bond cover? I got one, but the one I bought is too big, so I need to modify it a bit before it will really work for us.
I'm sorry about the colds and illnesses going around your daycare. I hope you guys avoid the hand, foot and mouth disease!

Michelle said...

I'm sorry for the loss in your family. I too have noticed the change in attire at funerals. Last one I was at we had people show up in jeans and tshirts, and others in very inappropriate dresses.
I hope the little guy feels better soon. That's good you caught the ear infection early on.
That really sucks about your insurance being canceled! Glad everything will be fixed out there. Worse imaginable time to find that out for sure!