Sunday, July 18, 2010

Animal Testing

I'm normally against testing products on animals, but when they volunteer, who am I to get in the way?

Ambrosia enthusiastically helped test out the Moby wrap and sling we got. She preferred the Moby (I wish I had got a picture of her in the sling). At least someone likes them.

She really loved his little seat. She loved it so much that she chewed up the orange infant insert in it. Good thing the kid grew so quickly we never needed to use it. (But seriously, she actually likes to sit in it just like this.)

She was unable to give her opinion on this due to ethical reasons. She does not believe that she can fully render an opinion without testing the vibrate feature of the chair.

She also served to test out our BabySense V monitor... which she is not testing here. Just being a good girl.

And Bliss... she helps too.



Michelle said...

Haha! They are so cute! I'd say that type of animal testing is definitely fine.
I have to scan a picture of Zoey as a puppy. We had my cousin over a lot when Zoey was a baby, and she insisted on climbing into the baby walker. She wasn't happy till her feet were thru the right way, and then she would get mad when removed.

Aunt Tonnye said...

Congratulations! Animals are funny little people, aren't they???? I struggle with PCOS, and have begun a new blog: PCOS: Progressing and Changing our Situation. You can find it at

I enjoyed your photos and postings.

Anonymous said...

Your cats are freaking adorable! How funny that Ambrosia will sit in his various seats. And Bliss has the biggest, sweetest eyes! Our cats loved to sleep on the changing table pad for a long time, and they always explore every new thing, but for the most part they leave her stuff alone now.