Friday, July 23, 2010

In honor of Michael's 1/2 Birthday

I'm giving away an ovary!!!

Yes, you heard right! I've got one good ovary here. She has been thoroughly inspected and I have declared her cyst free (since I play an RE on the internets).

Her name is Ova Achiever. I saw her on I Heart Guts and thought, one of my blog readers needs her.

So here's the deal...

1. You must be a blog reader of mine. I'm going with the honesty policy on this.

2. You do NOT need to have PCOS or even be TTCing to win.

3. You cannot be a Chinese porn spammer. Damn spammers.

4. You have to leave me a comment and tell me something Interesting and/or Funny about yourself!

5. I'm going to be a spoil sport and limit this to US addresses. Sorry to my international readers. (But if you have a US friend that you want me to ship it to, I'd be willing.)

I will randomly select a winner on Michael's 6 month birthday, July 30th. So you need to leave a comment before then. And make sure I have a way to get ahold of you.

Alright, I expect to get some good comments.


Michelle said...

Ok I will have to think of something funny and post tomorrow. But I just had to say that I'm up way too late and that was way too funny. Ova Achiever.

The Wife said...

I don't think I post good comments but I'll try. Okay maybe not. Yay for 6 months!

Nichole said...

Oh my gosh - that ovary is too funny!
Something about me: I am a Betty Boop collector. I have a shelf full of collectibles and two statues. One is 2 feet tall, the other one....5 feet tall! :-)

Anonymous said...

Ha! I love it! I would love a good, cyst free ovary.

I can't think of anything funny at the moment, so I'll go with interesting. DH and I have traveled to 43 states together in the last 9 years. We have this list of 10 things we try to do in each state, like go for a hike, see a concert, eat at an independent restaurant, etc. It's like a giant scavenger hunt. We keep track of it in a giant spreadsheet. Yes, we are dorks!

Happy half birthday Michael!

Celia said...

Mmm, when I was just out of highschool
i carried around a rubber chicken named "Herbie". I collect holiday themed eeyores and then forget to display them. I buy mostly organic but have a sick addiction to cheap frozen pizza. I HATE EGGNOG. DOWN WITH NOG!

Sometimes I fart in my sisters car, lock the windows and put the air on recirculate and laugh at her.

The Lynchs said...

That ovary is too cute!

Hmmmm...interesting thing about me? Have you ever seen Sleeping With The Enemy? You know how he is crazy about everything being lined up/organized perfectly? Say hello to me. That's right. I'm insane about labels being turned the same way, things looking symmetrical, and a color-coordinated closet :-)

Tatter Tot said...

I love the name....Ova Achiever! Too Darn Cute!

Something interesting about me...hmmmm....

Well I go completely nuts decorating for Halloween every year. Last year we were the envy of the neighborhood as I redid my entire front living room Tim Burton style. This year my dream is to recreate Bagdad Cemetery in our front yard. Bagdad Cemetery is a local cemetery where the opening scenes to the original Texas Chainsaw Massacre was filmed. I love that cemetery! Last year after decorating for Christmas I got really sick with my PCOS and was in and out of the hospital with heavy bleeding .....I couldn't take the decorations down until March. It really sucked. Hopefully I won't get sick this holiday season.

Dianne said...

Hilarious!! I will only take it if it is a right ovary because had my right ovary removed due to cysts!!!

My Lefty would love to have a partner in crime once again!!!!!

Anonymous said...

That ovary is hilarious and we could all use an extra one!! Check this out link out:
Definitely not fuzzy and cute like the ovary and basically creepy.

Something about myself that is kinda funny is I am addicted to talk radio. Ya it completely disgusts my husband but I am a sucker for Cosmo radio and Broadminded, God love whoever created XM!!

Anonymous said...

Happy half birthday Michael!

I'm in the UK so no spare ovary for me :(

Kasey said...

I am a new reader. I am on approximately 278 of my cycle. That's almost 9 months. I am starting a clomid cycle in less than a month. I am a PhD student. I spend more time reading blogs than I do studying. I don't yet know how big of a problem this is. I read around 30 blogs every day. When I find a new one I spend hours reading from the beginning. I'm happy I found your blog to feed my habit.

Tatter Tot said...

I forgot to leave my email addy just in case I get lucky ;-)

Mrs. Lydon said...

Oh my this is adorable!! I would love to win, its been 2 years TTC and nothin yet maybe the third ovary only one lacking cycts will help lol.
Something funny and interesting... my best friends and I have a strange love for monthy python and the holy grail...and also coincidentally are extremely crafty and Ironically everyone around me has had babies or gotten pregnant and I handmake every gift because that who I am. So me and my best friend handmade a bunch of baby items that were monty python and the holy grail themed. The cutest and most funny were apliqued bibs with a scene from the movie and quote from the scene. Hehee