Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Ear infections, yeast and pink eye, oh my!

Michael finished his antibiotic for his ear infections on Saturday but was still batting at his ears, so I remained suspicious that the infections were still lingering.

Then on Sunday I noticed a little bump on his butt. From the gazillion hours that I have spent learning about cloth diapers I knew that this was probably a yeast rash that was probably caused by the antibiotic. Last time he had an ear infection I gave him some supplemental probiotics and everything was just fine. This time I got lazy and skipped it, and now we are paying. But I caught it super early and had clotrimazole on hand from the early, rocky days of breastfeeding and I put that on him. By the next day, the rash appeared to be completely cleared up.

MIL actually came and watched him Monday because his daycare had a scheduled teacher workshop day. MIL kept up the clotrimazole and the rash remained at bay.

So I dropped him off this morning at daycare and asked them to keep putting the clotrimazole on him and I would be back early to take him back to the pediatrician for an ear recheck.

I come to get him and his eye has massive eye-boogies coming out of it that no one seems to have noticed. Then I get him to the dr. and see that his yeast has reappeared all of a sudden. (And we are bleaching his diapers for the time being to kill the yeast, FYI).

And the ear infection is still going on in both ears, and it's apparently pretty bad still. I got a new antibiotic prescription for his ears, and one for his eyes and got told to keep doing what I'm doing with the rash. (And I know, it's not desirable to use the antibiotics, but it appears to be indicated here.)

Then I went to pick up the meds and had to wait quite awhile. I browsed the baby stuff and picked up some Gerber training pants because I couldn't resist. We are trying to give him more "cover-less" time for the rash since complete naked time is a little daunting. I've been dying to get him some real trainers (even though we are not training yet at all) because they are so cute. So these ought to hold me over for a few months... maybe. Otherwise we have been using our tie-nappies which are great for air flow and very gentle. (tip on the tie nappies: you must boil these with blue Dawn to prep them... I washed them on hot a zillion times and it did nothing. Boil.)

So after walking around with Michael in my sling for a half hour, my back was about to give out and our prescriptions were finally ready. I checked out and got into the car and wiped another massive eye booger away and then decided to double check the prescription bag. They forgot the eye drops! So I called them from the parking lot and they realized that they forgot it. I unstrapped the kid from his car seat and toted him back in again. Checked out again. Back to the car. Home. Finally.

Got home, gave the kid his medicine. He promptly spit up his antibiotic and in case it wasn't all out with the first spit-up he did it again. Fantastic.

Gave him a couple of droppers of the probiotic in apple juice. No spit up this time.

He went to be early. Fantastic! I passed out on the couch while my husband made dinner.

Anyhow, I don't know what we are going to do tomorrow. We could probably take him to daycare since they don't seem to really care about pink-eye infections in the babies, but I don't like sending him if it's really bad... not to mention the other problems. I have a client meeting tomorrow that I have to go to, so DH may have to stay home. I find myself wishing my MIL was still around and we could get her again since she seemed to do a good job on Monday. Oh well. We'll get through.


Celia said...

Argh. That is a lot. Maybe you could do a partial day? Poor baby, give him a squeeze from Auntie Celia.

Jessica White said...

Poor baby! He needs to be cut some slack, and you too!

Hope he gets better pronto and nothing comes back for a good long while!

Chelle said...

Uhg. That sounds like quite the day. Sorry he isn't feeling well, I hope he gets better soon.

Take care of you too!

Michelle said...

Awwww poor guy! I hope he feels better now.
About training pants. We had some from blueberry diapers for K. They were bulky, but so so so soft and so cute! I also have a pattern somewhere that we made a few of our own. That's the most cloth we managed to do with K since I was newly exposed to it all, and he only used them for overnight till he mastered all that.

Anonymous said...

Poor baby! Still a double ear infection? I hope he gets better soon.