Monday, August 9, 2010

Feeding drama, again

Michael's ear infection must be getting better because he was eating much better on Saturday and then he seemed to be 100% on Sunday. And he ate so much this morning while I was trying to get him to go down for his morning nap (he naps from 7:00-7:30 before we leave for work) that his tummy over-filled and he spit up several times from that.

So I was hoping that today would be a good day for eating at daycare.

Um, yeah, right. I called before my lunch pumping session and he hadn't eaten anything yet. I had a lunch thing and I told them I would call back after and see if things had changed. I called back and he'd had an ounce and was sleeping. So I asked daycare to call me after he woke up if he wouldn't eat.

He did not eat again and it was 2:30 at this point. So I went up there and attempted to feed him.

Michael is a very distracted boy (which I'm sure is playing a part here). We were in the back room, a place that he isn't normally, and he could not focus on the task. I finally got him to eat a little, but then he wanted to explore and play so I gave up and took him back to the baby room.

I had him on the floor while talking to one of the workers and he started doing the milk sign. I was wary of investing more time in trying to feed him because I'm not sure that he completely understands the sign and didn't want to try to feed him in vain again. But, since he still hadn't eaten much, and I was there, and he was signing I figured should try again. And the kid actually ate. Not much, but he got started right away once I got him back there. And a couple of minutes later he wanted to play again. (It doesn't help that they store the spare toys in this room, so he was going a little crazy because of that.)

After I left, he wasn't very happy and they said that they had to hold him most of the rest of the day. He'd just woken up from a short nap and I tried to get him to take a little bottle before we left because I knew he'd get fussy in the car, but he refused the bottle.

So on the way home, fussy on cue. I snaked my arm into the back seat to rub his arm to comfort him. He grabbed my finger to chew on it. That damn tooth finally cut though! I am hoping that this was the big problem this afternoon and maybe tomorrow we can get him to eat a little more.

But in other feeding news, we had some solids success. Sunday I think he finally started to realize that flavors are tasty. We tried to spoon feed him some pears and he wasn't into it as normal, but he seemed to be onto the fact that his messy fingers tasted good. Later I gave him a piece of (home-grown) cantaloupe to teethe with and he was really excited chewing on it. Then we were giving him his raspberry flavored amoxicillin later and instead of fighting us, he was shoving the syringe in his mouth. So I had DH run and get the baby pears out for me again and he let me spoon feed him a little. Success! Perhaps he isn't doomed to never eat solids.

I'm doing both the whole foods baby-led weaning style and spoon-able "baby food". He really has seemed to like the food he puts into his mouth himself the most, but with daycare, if I ever want them to feed him, I don't think I feel confident letting them give him whole foods... particularly not when the person feeding his is responsible for watching several children at the same time. And it seems to be working to do both styles concurrently.

Here's hoping that he starts eating better... until the next tooth.


Jessica White said...

I think teeth have to be the cruelest thing for babies...and certainly for the parents who sit there shaking their head in confusing.

Hopefully that tooth coming through solved the dilemma and he does better's so frustrating when they aren't interested in eating.

Michelle said...

Aww poor guy! Teething definitely sucks.
I think it's cute when they realize what food is. We're doing the more solid food approach here now with this little one, and apparently he rebelled against the pureed jarred stuff at home over the weekend.

Gina said...

do you have any books you recommend for solids, especially whole baby foods?

Kate said...

Glad the ear's better! Hope solids go well.

Chelle said...

I am sorry! I hope it was that tooth that was causing the poor appetite. (and I hope it's better now.) I know how frustrating it is when they don't eat!!! I hear your concerns about hydration and I feel for you-it is very frustrating. Hopefully it gets better soon.

Anonymous said...

Poor baby! Birdie was a wreck the day and night that her tooth broke through. I hope it gets better soon.

I gave Birdie half a peach to gnaw on the other day. She loved it, but she was able to get a piece off it, and I was worried about her choking, so I got out these mesh bag feeders I had bought. They are messy and a pain to clean, but it let her go to town on the juicy peach without me worrying about her choking. Have you tried those? I have a feeling that daycare would not be equipped to deal with the mess of them though.