Saturday, August 21, 2010


So when I picked up the trainers the other day I also picked up a package of Gerber flats.

I know, Gerber diapers=Crap, but I thought to myself, "It's just a single layer of birdseye, how badly could they screw it up?"

Apparently pretty badly. Smaller than normal, doesn't lay flat, ragged around the edges. I'm pretty sure the birdseye itself is poorer quality compared to Little Lions or another premium brand.

But I got them with the intention of using them to get more coverless time (he out grew his prefolds months ago, he's too big for almost all of his fitteds, so it was down to the 3 tie-nappies I have for cover less time and that just isn't enough). And a dozen flats for ~$13 can't be that big of a mistake.

I chose the Diaper Bag Fold, with another flat pad folded in for extra absorbency. (These flats are pretty small and Michael is pretty big, so I couldn't get the Kite or Origami folds large enough for work for him.)

Despite the quality of the Gerber flats, they work pretty well. I see why people love flats. It fits well, was absorbent, and very air-y. It was also easy to pin*. Michael even tolerated wetness in them better than he normally does with natural fibers. I still wish they were a better quality flat, but not a mistake buying them.

If I ever get any better flats to replace them with, they will make excellent rags.

*Quick reminder, I hate snappis with a passion, but even if you like them, they should NEVER be used without a cover over them. They bite.

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He is so freaking cute.