Sunday, August 22, 2010

I hate TV

No, actually, I love TV, a little too much.

I have just been loving that it's the summer and TV has gone to re-runs and reality shows (I hate every reality show since The Real World 7). TV can have a way of ruling life around here and I hate that. But in the summer, there is nothing that has to be watched and nothing drawing us to the glowing tube night after night.

I guess it's worth re-mentioning that we get our TV over the air. Cable is not available at our home and we didn't want to get wrangled into a satellite contract, so instead we took advantage of the new (at the time), digital broadcasting, hid an antenna in the attic and get our TV that way. We save a lot of money doing this, the picture is great, there are no outward signs that we use an antenna, and we have fewer channels which keeps us from getting hooked on a bunch of crap we can live happily without anyhow. We have a DVR so we can still pause and record our TV when we want to watch something.

We also get Netflix. And now that Netflix will play instantly on our Wii, we watch more stuff that way than anything. We have been watching the best show ever all summer, Arrested Development. We finished the last episode last night and then cursed the idiots at FOX for cancelling it.

Anyhow, I'm dreading the return of the fall lineup. We have try to keep the number of shows we watch to a minimum, but still. With the baby we don't really get much time to watch TV anyhow, so I hate that when we have free time we feel compelled to catch up on a TV show. And we don't let Michael watch TV so we have to wait until he's in bed.

Today Michael was desperately grabbing at the Super Nintendo (yes, we keep our my old Ninentdos out to play with... original and Super). I'm dreading baby proofing the entertainment center. Then it occurred to me, why don't we just get rid of it? Put the DVR and Wii in our room and ditch the TV in the living room?

It will free up space, we won't have to worry about baby proofing, and we will be less tempted to watch TV in general... hopefully. We haven't done it yet, but I'm really thinking about it. Can you imagine a family/living room without a TV? I know this isn't an original idea, but it doesn't seem to be a popular choice these days. Now let's see if I follow through.


meggo said...

We don't have a tv in our living room anymore. We moved it out last month. It was just collecting dust since we're not huge tv folks anyway. Instead, we moved our 27" iMac where our entertainment center used to be, and stream in Netflix. Much better! We still have our bedroom TV for DH's sports and any "must-see" shows, but we use a digital converter box, so no contracts. And even the bedroom tv is only on, muted, while we sleep because I like the flickering light. Any shows that we watch can be caught on Hulu or their respective network website. This seems to be a trend lately as Netflix and other media providers make owning a TV obsolete.

Michelle said...

We are waaaaaay too addicted to give up tv....And K is too. I try to limit tv but it's hard when no one else seems to see a problem with it. I think though if you want to keep M from becoming hooked, now is the time to remove it.

Celia said...

Our teevee is in the living room. I would prefer it not to be, but we would have to rewire to move it. Hooray for a 70 year old house!

My husband is far too addicted to tv to get rid of it. I had no cable or internet for years when I was in school and working. I just used my vcr. I would go back to that, but not Mister. He is addicted.

I watch a huge amount when I breastfeed, because I kept dropping my books on Peter's head.

Chelle said...

We don't watch tv much, just the occasional news or movies. It's kinda sad that we have 5 tv's and hardly use them!

It was a hard switch because we were VERY addicted! But now, I like life better without. (or is that just something that people without tv say??!)

Anonymous said...

I got really addicted to a bunch of shows last winter because we had a newborn and the weather was awful and I rarely left the house. I was breastfeeding Birdie all the time and it was easy to get sucked into shows that I normally wouldn't have. I don't like spending that much time watching tv and I hate that I am addicted to certain shows. I love the summer because there aren't any shows I need to keep up with.

Now I'm addicted to HGTV. And football is starting soon. I doubt we could get rid of our tv, even though philosophically I hate it.