Tuesday, August 31, 2010

I should have known... cough drops

If there is one thing that I have learned in my time breastfeeding it's that supply fluctuates.

So when my supply dips I try to just give myself a little mental pep talk, "It's ok, we've been here before, it came back, we can do it again." And indeed, my supply has come back. Gone are the days of overfilling my 20oz collection bottle, but that was way more than I needed anyhow. If I can get 15oz, I'm happy.

But lately I've been lucky to eek out 10oz. I've had to thaw milk at night to get him to bed. I'm trying to give myself the pep talk, but I've never been here before. And one of my neighbors asked me if I was still breastfeeding last night and when I said yes, she said she back, "Oh, so you haven't dried up yet?" Her words, although innocent, are not appreciated at this time.

But as I tried not to freak out about my meager production this morning, I thought of something I hadn't suspected before: my stupid Halls cough drops. They contain menthol and, yes, they will zap you milk supply. I should have known that.

Stupid cough drops. They weren't even helping me. I wasn't eating that many, probably 4-6 per day for the last week (ironically, I would suck on them while nursing Michael to keep from coughing and waking him), but those on top of work stress, Claritin, and a baby that isn't suckling strongly (because of the ear infections) are not great for supply.

So I think I've finally identified all of the trouble makers and I'm hoping that I can bounce back from this. I have faith that I will but I'm stepping up efforts anyhow. Michael seem to be at 'full suck' and I think that's really helping turn things around. We need to fix this because I know that neither of us are ready wean.

In other news, my baby is afraid of toast. Yup, toast. We got done with our attempt at purees tonight and I decided to toast a piece of bread and cut it into a couple of strips for him and see what he would do. He squeezed the toast in his fingers and just got so upset. Torture. We figured he wanted out of his seat so I took him and checked his diaper too (cause he was so upset I thought it was worth a look but it was clean). So next we put him on the floor on his blanket and let him play. I laid the toast on his leg to see if he would pick it up and he just freaked. My kid does not like toast. He did not get that from me.


JeNi said...

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Chelle said...

I am sorry your supply is down and your having a rough time. I have never had that experience, but imagine it would be incredibly frustrating and kinda scary. :(

Hope thing turn around now that you might have identified the smoking gun.

Victoria said...

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Thanks :)

Sophie said...

I had no idea that was the case about the cough drops, definitely good to know. Hang in there.

About the toast, I don't know why but I just find it cute how each baby has their own little personal preferences and personalities. I gave Mirabel a tiny bit of chamomile tea and she made the most horrified/disturbed face, I couldn't help but laugh :P.

Anonymous said...

I'm sorry that the cough drops messed with your supply. I wouldn't have even connected the two!
That is funny about the toast. I had to try that with Birdie. She liked tearing the toast apart. She never tried to put it in her mouth at all.