Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Nursing and Teething

It finally happened. The thing that scared me most about breastfeeding... BITING.

He did it, he bit me. Twice (cause I was dumb enough to put him back on after the first one).

It actually wasn't that bad. The early weeks of nursing were an order of magnitude more painful. But I did quickly pull him off and tell him, "No. That hurts Mommy." But he just smiles when I do this so I don't think he's getting it. I think the best course of action will be to just pull him off quicker when he is finished eating, before he gets bored and chewy. Advice appreciated.

But the teething thing. Ugg. I thought he was cutting his first tooth a while ago because his gums keep changing and looking like something is going to pop though and he'll show some other signs too, but no, I was wrong. But this is definitely the real thing this time.

It was AWFUL Sunday. He was crying so hard, it hurt so much. We had to give him tylenol. He passed out. We had to dose him again before bed, and then he woke up in the middle of the night and I had to do it again (it's not like we didn't try other routes, it was just that bad). But since then he's dealt with the pain pretty well but it has caused him to loose his appetite and he's been more sleepy. And the damn tooth still hasn't popped up yet. Come on already.

I also, mostly for the hell of it, bought him an amber teething anklet. The idea behind these is that they release succinic acid in the skin and it is a natural pain reliever. And as a bonus, the one I got was "Reiki charged". I know, it's probably hooey, but it's cute on him and "can't hurt". Besides, I think acupuncture helped me conceive, so this isn't too much farther into hippie territory. And the crazy thing is, I think it's actually helping. (<-- When I talk like that, I should probably try to get more sleep.)

We had his 6 month pictures tonight. We got a lot of smiling, happy baby photos despite the condition of his gums. Much better than the 3 month disaster. But I was much smarter this time. We took lots of toys, a small bottle with milk (cause when he is hungry, he wants food NOW) and we planned the outfits better. My excellent planning included putting him in a diaper with giraffes on it and letting him have some relief chewing on Sophie the Giraffe. About 2/3 of the way though, that proved to be a good plan and a very cute pose.

And something cool... I've been doing the baby sign language symbol for milk since he was born, off and on. But lately I've been doing it pretty heavily. I thought he was doing it back but I also that that maybe I was just wanting to believe that he was doing it. But when I picked him up from daycare today they asked me if I had been working on it with him because they hadn't tried that one on him yet and he definitely signing milk for them. Yay! I'm so excited. I think maybe the feeling is something like hearing them speak their first word. Big milestone.


Dianne said...

OOh I am awaiting that day and not looking forward to it!!! Cool idea about the signing!! My friend did that and loved it!! Maybe I should start soon!

Celia said...

That is awesome about the signing! We are doing it too, although I am focusing on "up" and "gentle kitty".

lalala afraid to think about teething.

Michelle said...

Ouch! I have no experience there.
That's really cool about him signing. I bet it looks so cute.

Chelle said...

My girls are signing too! It is amazing to watch them develop. The first word they signed was dog. :)

Sorry about the biting-ouch!

Sophie said...

Eek! I was just discussing that with my MIL 2 days ago, I'm really worried about it too :/.

I wanted to ask: What bottles do you all use? At around 6 weeks, Mirabel started refusing bottles. I used to use the Medela ones, then I bought nearly every one on the market...I'm just wondering if there's a better one out there for BFing babies.

Amanda said...

Sophie, we use the Breastflow bottles, but without the blue inner piece.... We used to use the entire nipple assembly, but M was refusing as well and we experimented with a bunch of bottles as well. Very long story short, back to the original bottles we used (the Breastflows), but just without the hard inner piece.

Celia said...

Dude, when did you start signing with M?

Jessica White said...

Teething is terrible! I wish they didn't have to go through it. We've been dealing with it for the past few weeks and only 1 tooth (out of 4 or 5 we see) is beginning to poke through.

Hang in there....I'd be trying anything too!

Anonymous said...

Oh boy. Birdie has bit me just with gums, chomping down, but damn it hurts. Now that she has a sharp little tooth, I am literally worried about her biting my nipple and cutting me. So far it has been a week that the tooth has emerged and no bites yet, but wow, am I watching her for boredom at the end of feedings! I really don't have any other advice for you. We have alternated tylenol and motrin (now that she's past 6 months), and that definitely helps.

She loves her Sophie too. I bought just about every teething toy I could find. Her favorites are Sophie, the Avent teethers, and these keys that have gel in them that I can put in the fridge.

That is so cool about the sign for milk. I really need to start doing that with Birdie. MIL has this book on baby signing that she says she is going to give/loan me, but she hasn't yet, so maybe I will just go out and buy one of my own, or a dvd. How neat that you are seeing him make the signs!

Good Egg Hatched said...

I feel a little dumb giving you b'feeding advice of any sort since you've had light years better luck w/it than I ever did, but...H got his first teeth at four months so we had experience with this before he weaned. I learned two things: DEFINITELY pull him off when he starts to get bored as this is absolutely when the biting happens, when they stop eating and start fooling around; and don't pull him away when he bites down -- you'll just be making the pain worse! Sort of push him in to get him to release and then tell him it hurts, etc. just like you did.