Thursday, September 30, 2010

8 months

Eight whole months already! He is a confirmed roller. No desire to move forward in a precise manner what so ever. He's a big solids eater now too, but he still prefers the boob to cereal/oatmeal for breakfast. He's not a big babbler, but he's definitely expressive. He sucks on his forearm sometimes to comfort himself. I think it's more 'boobish' than a thumb or pacifier for him.

He likes to do what Mommy and Daddy do. He wasn't much of a rattle shaker but me and DH really got into shaking those rattles for him and he changed his mind and wanted to shake, shake, shake one too after that. Then the other day he was watching us wave the Cat Charmer for the kitties a bunch. The next day he managed to roll over to it and was really excited to be able to wave it around too! And the kitties enjoyed it a little too. He wants to be a big boy.


I know it's a little fuzzy, but it was too cute.

We let him play with the phonics magnets* after he is cleaned up from dinner. He doesn't know what do with them, but he likes them.

He's getting into looking at books, finally! As you can see, reading is a matter for the whole family.**

Of course, books are still good for chewing on too.


*Those magnets are for ages 2 and up, but there are no pieces small enough to swallow, the magnets are sealed in them and we never leave him alone with them.

**The cats go nuts for that book because it makes sounds and one is of a cat meowing. They think a cat is trapped inside. It's pretty funny.


Michelle said...

He is so cute! He is starting to get that toddler look. Sitting in the seat, looks so grown up!
Kristopher had those letters by a year old too. He LOVED them. He was able to recognize a lot by 2 which was pretty cool to see. (but look where that got us now haha)
And I think the cats in with the reading is cute.
Hey while I'm thinking of it, would you be able to email me your diaper washing/care info when you have a chance? I have a friend who's having some issues with after 13 months of things going perfect.

Sophie said...

He is precious! :)

Celia said...

Adorable! Peter Pants sucks on his arm too. And his fingers. And basically anything he can cram in there. 8 months wooeeeeee. Time is flying.

The Lynchs said...

What a doll! He's so sweet!

And I love the picture with the whole "family" gathered around the book - it makes me laugh!

Anonymous said...

How cute! He does look so grown up! I love the cats and the book. Birdie has a stuffed toy that meows and freaks our cats out. Even from across the house they will come running to check it out.