Friday, September 3, 2010

Land Baroness

or real estate mogul, what ever you want to call me.

We closed today on that land I was talking about a while ago. So I am feeling mighty powerful having my name on 3 land deeds at this point (and a lot poorer).

Although it is a slight risk taking out another loan right now, this was the kind of deal you'd have to be stoopid to pass on. This was a steal. Think of a good price for farmland, now cut it in half... we paid less than that. Yeah, your dad is also your brother kind of stupid to pass it by.

I might mention that I haven't actually seen the land in person (although I've seen the aerial and the surveys). The access to it is rough right now and I'd need to get in the truck to go see it, but we can't all 3 really fit in the truck and I can't drive a stick, so I haven't actually seen it. But I trust my husband. And again, 2+2=22 kind of dumb to let this go.

And in other news, it was BEAUTIFUL outside today. I mean gorgeous! We took a sheet and spread it out in the yard and let Michael explore the grass for the first time tonight. Raising a baby is wonderful, but doing activities like this and watching them react, it makes whatever road you went through to get here worth it. Everyday is a first something right now. The best part of today had nothing to do with getting a good deal on some land.


Michelle said...

That sounds really exciting! Congrats on the good deal!

Hot Belly Mama said...

Hi, I am creating a blog that is specifically about nursing and pcos. If you have a blog post already written, I'd love to share it for other mothers to learn from it. Or if you'd like to write one for the blog, that would be wonderful too.

Jessica White said...

Congrats on being land owners; can't wait to see pictures!

Anonymous said...

Congratulations on the land!