Thursday, September 30, 2010

Pumptastic! (part 2)

So I got fed up with my pump losing suction as the battery went down and get a new pump from Medela under the warranty. They sent it on Wednesday, it arrived on Thursday, I used it on Friday.

The first pump, I was like, "Oh yeah, that's the good stuff!" I was feeling the pull. Things were going well, I was getting just a little more milk than normal. Then midway through my last pump on Friday something changed about the cycling. I could hear a difference when it happened. Things seemed a little different, but it was hard to tell 100%. It seemed to be louder than normal too.

So Monday I began pumping and I pretty quickly decided that something was indeed off and I wasn't going to take it and called Medela again (and I did end up a couple of ounces low which is very unusual on a Monday). A normal person would probably patiently listen to all of Medela's instructions and go through a long drawn out process of replacing the pump pieces one by one, but not me. I'm just sick of this pumping crap. I want a pump that works and I want it now before I loose anymore supply. So this time they sent me out a complete new system (like you buy in the store, not just the pump and battery). They also sent me an extra set of the membranes/collectors so that I could replace all my parts with new ones (I have 2 sets). But I'm still a little fed up with this crap. The service rep told me that I could use the box from they kit they were sending me and take it back to the store and return it if I wanted too. Tempting.

So at the current moment, I have 3 Freestyles at my house.

So I used pump number 3 yesterday and today. Yesterday seemed average, but today I got a couple more ounces than I've pumped in at least a week and a half! Finger's crossed that it keeps up.

Now I just have to pack up all the old stuff and return it. And I thought that I would have to pay for return shipping, it turns out that they just forgot to send me the shipping label, so that is covered too. I have to give Medela props, customer service has been pretty good.

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Kate said...

I hope pump #3 does the trick - keep me posted.
Your little man is juat gorgeous!