Saturday, September 25, 2010

So I went to the Chiropractor

I know... I write about not taking my kid to a chiropractor the other week and then let some guy crack me like a nut.

About 3 weeks ago I started having a warm sensation on my right-side-back-mid-waist-area. It felt pleasant. Like a beam of sunshine was hitting me there. And it was happening frequently. Especially when I nursed Michael or sitting at my desk at work. So there is something positional about it, but I haven't quite figured it out. My best guess is that I it's a pinched nerve.

And I've been having some more traditional back pain lately too. Something about lugging around a 26lb baby isn't great for your back apparently.

So I went to a guy that a coworker recommended. He wanted to take x-rays and we had to go through the who, "You're sure that you're not pregnant, right?" I'm REASONABLY sure that I'm not pregnant, because I think it would be UNreasonable to assume that I could be pregnant without going back to an RE, without resuming my menstrual cycle, while breastfeeding, and using condoms, and not having the time for a whole lot of sex lately anyhow. But no, I haven't peed on a stick. I don't really want to put myself through BFN for no real reason.

I have a small mis-alignment in my neck. Probably from a car accident when I was 18. He let me know that I apparently took the impact well. Um, yay. It didn't feel that way 9 years ago.

My hips aren't level either. My left hip is a little higher than the right. That makes a lot of sense. I only feel comfortable carrying Michael on my left hip. He thinks that I've always had this problem but I wonder if it hasn't been since I had Michael and the baby wearing has really made the situation more of a problem.

Everything looked pretty good. Nothing on the films really explained why I've had the warm feelings lately. But he thinks I will do well with treatment and is hoping that the warmness will be fixed... I get the feeling that he is a little clueless. I don't know that I'm buying into things 100%, but I definitely did see that I have some issues. So I will give it a chance for now.

I did talk with him about Michael's ear infections. He really wanted to treat him but the things that he was saying definitely weren't convincing me at all. He was astonished that a breastfed baby was having ear infections and almost acted like he didn't believe me that I breastfeed him. Like a breastfed baby can't possibly have ear infections. Seems a little closed minded for a person that wants me to be open minded.

In other ways that Amanda's body sucks these days, I have a workman's compensation thing going on right now. I had a rather nasty fall at work that hasn't helped the back situation, but the biggest issue is that it really screwed up my knee. I waited on getting it seen because it's a knee. They are kind hard to really hurt. I was hoping it resolve by now, but it hasn't so I'm filing a claim. It's really made that whole lugging around a 26lb baby thing rough. My HR person was trying to tell me to go to an ER on Friday to get it seen. An ER almost 3 weeks after? No thanks. So hopefully I'll get that figured out early this next week.


Sophie said...

I hope things get a little easier for you, I'm sorry you're in so much pain :(.

Kate said...

Hope you're all better soon. Wow, 26lb? You must have quite the muscles now!

Michelle said...

Yikes. I hope things get better soon!
26lbs! I would guess that would lead to some of the back problems for sure. I bet he's so cute though!!

The citric acid....How much was that and for how much? I'm about ready to make another batch and of course can not find it anywhere. I don't want to use the kool aid again. I'm trying to decide if it's worth buying online or if that's overpriced...

Tree Hugging Attorney said...

I just found this blog and - though you don't write about it much anymore - I would really like to pick your brain about PCOS. I was formerly diagnosed today (I'm 28) and my head is still spinning. I'm also a vegetarian - and was disheartened to read online that it may be a contributing factor to PCOS. Is that true? My doctor already suggested Clomid when we're "ready" - but I guess I need to let go of the natural conception fantasy first. Any advice/comments would be greatly appreciated. I don't blog about it (yet) - but my email is
Thank you. :)

Amanda said...

Tree Hugger-- I'll email you soon.