Saturday, September 11, 2010

Time Travel

We did it. There are no more glowing screens in our living room.

I'm really happy now. Not so much because the TV is out of the living room, but more because I got to rearrange furniture. I live to rearrange furniture. Just moving the couch a couple of inches gets me high. And now we have all this space for Michael to roll around and crawl (still working on that one). He made good use of it the other day. I think DH and I are both really happy with the arrangement. We aren't missing the TV at all at this time and we are kinda glad that we did it now before the fall season got started.

But when I do something in one room of the house, it affects the whole rest of the house around here. So I have been tweaking things here and there. And I needed to pick up and clean anyhow. I had to relocate a picture frame and put it where a book was. So then I put the book where the stack of accumulated greeting cards resides. So I decided to sort through them and toss and save.

Going though the cards... probably 2.5 years of cards is kinda arduous. It was a big stack. It kinda made me feel like we don't send enough cards since we seem to have gotten so many.

They were basically in chronological order so I kinda took a stroll through the years as I went through them. First in the pile is our anniversary then Christmas, then my birthday and then maybe some Valentine's Day or Easter, then DH's birthday, some random thank you notes, repeat.

I got to the cards people sent us after Muffy died. I forgot those were in there. They made me cry a little. I saved them off to the side.

I got to the congratulations cards when I got pregnant. Then the shower cards from my lovely neighbors. Sweet as they were, they got tossed.

Eventually I got to the 'new baby' cards. I saved those. And I saved the cards that family members sent to Michael for Valentine's Day and Easter and his baptism. I cut a piece of string and tied them up in a bundle. I'm saving the cards to Michael from at least his first year because he might like to look at them someday. I doubt I'll be as sentimental later on.

I saved the first Mother's & Father's day cards. We worked too hard for those to just toss them out.

And last I saved the cards DH and I gave to each other. I laughed at the card I gave DH for his 29th birthday where I wrote a note inviting him to post IUI "cleanup sex*" (our BFP cycle). I put them in the card keeper in our bedroom.

I put it all away. I hated going through all of those cards. I'm just not sentimental enough about that kind of stuff and for that I feel guilty. The task is done. Until 2011.


*DH informed me that when you inseminate cattle, you have a "clean up bull" that takes care of things just in case you were off on the timing. So we called our homework sex 'cleanup'.


Michelle said...

Haha the comment about cows again. Didn't he make that comparison a few other times?
I admire the fact you are able to remove the tv. I have a few shows that I watch, but other than that, the tv drives me nuts. My husband is very much addicted and tunes out the world when he is watching something. And K became way too addicted as well. He has limited tv now and things seem better with him. But, we're still a very tv addicted family I guess.
Oh and I am the same way with rearranging things. One thing always leads to another and another.....

Chelle said...

I LOVE to re-arrange furniture too! The babies' room has changed about 5 times and they aren't a year old yet! lol.

Anonymous said...

Ha about the cleanup sex! I like that term better than homework sex.

Good for you for moving the tv out! With football season starting, I think my husband would have a heart attack if I even suggested it.

I love going through cards. I don't have a particular spot for them though, so they are strewn all over the place, not in any order. I should designate a space for them.

Jessica White said...

YAY! For no TV! We have a tv in a cabinet in our living room, but we don't have anything other than Netflix and our DVD player. It's been 2 years and we don't miss it at all. Anything we are interested in we get it on DVD or watch it on Hulu (Chuck, for example).

Glad you're enjoying your no tv life :-)