Monday, September 20, 2010

You know you're a mommy blogger when...

It's never been my intention to be a mommy blogger. It was always my intention to be a mommy... the blogging just happened because this kid is my world.

Anyhow, you know that you're a mommy blogger when you blog about baby poop.

Yup. Let's talk poop. I've had thoughts about other topics lately, but the poop keeps floating to the top.

Despite my pediatrician's grave concern that Michael would never eat soilds because I didn't start pushing them in utero, the child is rather fond of them now. And I'm glad because it was really helping him not be so starved at daycare.

But last week, I was starting to suspect constipation. I broke out the apple juice and started cutting back on some of the most notorious offenders... bananas, rice and apples (juice is different... it doesn't have pectin in it). But alas, it was too late.

We cut off solids almost completely this weekend. We did try prunes. The poor child sobbed when we tried to feed them to him (very unusual), so we backed off.

We peeked into his diaper with every fart hoping this would be the one. We decided that a watched child never poops.

We worked those legs... bicycle, swats, time in the jumper.

I put him in diapers that I would rather him not poo in. Kinda like line drying your clothes to try to make it rain. This has actually been rather effective in the past.

Sunday night we got a little something, but I knew that their had to be more.

Then, a little later, it finally happened. It was terrible. He howled and cried. I felt awful for him. I tried to support him in different way to make it easier for him, but it was just flat out painful. Poor baby.

And then this morning, DH was playing with him while I made my breakfast. He was whining in an unusual way. My husband is not so quick with the hints and wasn't figuring it out. I knew when I got to him what was going on just held him and he was happy when it was over and sat on my lap* playing with a toy. I finished my breakfast and then took him to be changed. HOLY MOTHER OF GOD! That was a lot of shit. I thought most of it was through the night before, but I almost fainted when I saw the diaper.

Anyhow, I think we are back to normal now. He had a regularly scheduled BM today at day care. I think I'm going to be a little more regular with some juice (not much, just a couple of teaspoons a day) to keep things moving. If anyone knows how to keep a baby regular, I'm all ears.

So tonight I went ahead and ordered him a little potty. I'm hoping that if we go through this again it might help to provide a more comfortable position for him. It's probably a good idea to go ahead and introduce the potty chair anyhow.

So I hope that you all have enjoyed my story about constipation because it's about the most exciting thing in my life right now.


*Dear Thirsties,

Thank you for your gussets.

Amanda's fat jeans


Celia said...

Prune juice, pear juice, apple juice. A warm bath.

Kate said...

We're focused on poop too. I've read on the internet to give diluted prune juice 1-2x per day, so we've started giving K 30mL juice with 30mL water once a day. Pears and prunes have helped in the past too. Never got to massive-explosion stage though!

meggo said...

The 5 1/2 month old I watch during the week is dealing with this too. He was introduced to solids about a month ago, and just recently switched from breast milk to formula. When he goes, it's a crapload, pun intended; we've had many afternoons of me bouncy him, bicycling his legs, and even a few warm baths. Poor babies :(

Michelle said...

K had these issues. He loved his food, and was drinking about 4ozs of juice per day by 7 months. It was 1oz of juice, and the rest water. This is actually the reason he was potty trained so early. By the time he was 13 months, the juice didn't help because of the total switch to our food and to regular milk. He could not go if he was sitting, and it was very forced and always tears. So out of frustration on a really bad day, I stripped him and put him on the toilet. He went easily and all was good. Next time he had trouble we did the same thing. So, he was totally pooping in the potty at 14 months. He would go to our steps and hold his nose and say ewwww when he had to go, and we would take him up.
His issues were that it was super hard and giant poops. That first time he did it in the potty, I was so shocked that he did it and showed everyone who was over...They thought I was disgusting at first and took a little convincing to have them believing it was actually the baby.....It's still hilarious 5 yrs later.

Michelle said...

Oh, and the potty....If it's giant poops....I would just go with a ring seat that goes on the actual toilet. We skipped the small kind with K and the 2 yr old had a disaster with the little potty. Just a heads up to save you some gagging.

Chelle said...

LOL, I blogged about poo too!! Our gastroenterologists said that miralax was safe to use. We give them about a half teaspoon in their morning bottle. Keeps them nice and regulated.

In my experience, prune juice didn't agree with the girls. The don't care for apple juice either, so miralax it is.

SarahEdgeworth said...

My son had the same issues when he started solids- I put about 1/2 an ounce in his bottles for at day care during the week- on the weekends I gave him "plum smart" with water in a sippy cup- tastes SO much better!

Jessica White said...

Also, you can add ground flax meal or flax seed oil to his food and that will help too

Kate said...

Thanks for your interesting comment on the freestyle. The lactation consultant at the hospital I work at also mentioned that. I only have the pump set to a 5 though, so I'm not sure why that wouldn't generate enough "power" for me. I also use breast compressions on the one side that has a really crappy letdown. That's the only way I can get decent amounts of milk out of righty. What power setting do you use on your freestyle? I just wish I produced more without effort. Normally I get out an ounce an hour (and pump for 20min if I've gone 2h, 35min if I've gone 5h), but this morning only got 120mL after 5h. Boo. I'm not happy about things winding to a close, I don't think.
Maybe I'll have to try plugging in more often at work when I have the chance.

Kate said...

Let me know how things go with your new freestyle. There's conflicting stuff out there - some people say they feel no difference between the PISA or Freestyle or Symphony, others who claim they get much more with non-Freestyle pumps. Keep me posted - I've been blaming my body a lot for failing to produce much.

Anonymous said...

We have had constipation issues with Birdie too. I have really limited the rice, apples, and bananas she gets now and am instead focusing on prunes, peaches and pears. We have done diluted pear juice (she doesn't really like prune juice). We even resorted to using glycerin (pedialax) once for a particularly bad bout, and man, that stuff works within a minute. I think she filled four diapers and immediately fit into the next smaller size clothes.

I hadn't thought about getting a potty seat this early, but that is a great idea. She is starting to grunt and get all red faced, so there would probably be time to put her on the potty. Poor Birdie sticks her legs out all straight when she poops, and that doesn't help because she's clenching her butt cheeks too much!