Saturday, October 9, 2010

Baby Food

I really wanted to make Michael's baby food from the start. Like breastfeeding and cloth diapering, it was the plan. And when I got a little anxious about starting solids I figured that it would be a way for me to still feel like I was providing the nourishment for him. The only problem was that I did not have the time for it at all.

I'd bought some Sprout baby food and started with it. It is really good and Michael has taken to most of the flavors well. But it's pretty expensive. I tried some of the Gerber Organic. My only complaint is that it's really watery and messier because it drips. The Earth's Best has a good consistency but a little lacking in flavor. But all in all, I don't really mind feeding him the stuff out of the packages. But I still aspired to fulfill my plan to make baby food for him.

I really wanted to use organic produce but it's virtually impossible to find a good organic selection around here. I'm not kidding when I say that Wal-Mart probably has the best selection of organic produce around here. And we don't normally make it to the Farmer's Market because Michael is napping then. So my first foray was a butternut squash from the supermarket. And boy, was that easy.

The next test was seeing if Michael liked it. The first feeding with it was not so great. He's fun to watch eat. He takes a little bite to start and smacks his lips around and gives me a funny look as he tries to decide if he like something. Sometimes he will do a whole body shiver and give me a smile or sometimes I will just get a yucky face from him. I got the yucky face, so I cut in a bunch of apple juice and had a winner. The subsequent feedings went better, I think he just had to get used to the taste/consistency of my squash.

When the IL's came the other week they brought pears from DH's aunt and sweet potatoes from their garden. I steamed up the pears and baked the sweet potatoes today. And my poor, old immersion blender has pretty much bit the dust so I will have to get a new one before I try anything else.

I mixed some pears in with his oatmeal and I've never seen him eat breakfast so well. I was a little more doubtful about the sweet potatoes because I made them fairly thick, but I gave him a taste and we had a winner.

I'm still going to use store bought baby foods. I like not having it all on me all the time. But I'm glad that I finally tried making some of my own. At least I'm stocked with some staples for awhile.


Celia said...

I like her. I mean, you don't really need a cookbook for baby food, but it is a handy reference so you know when they can have what. She also has stuff the whole family can eat. I have the food mill she makes, we got it at BRU. As a piece of kitchen equipment, it's pretty silly but does the job for Peter. A food mill will give you a better texture than an immersion blender. Wal-Mart's organic food did pretty well in a blind tasting. I make Peter's food.

Amanda said...

Thanks for the website.

I do pretty well with my blender. I only worry about it being too creamy and smooth... maybe there should be more lumps for practice of something? But I don't like uni-tasking kitchen equipment. I feel like a food mill is more of a uni-tasker than an immersion blender.

Kate said...

I use an immersion blender too, and just blend it a little less to leave some more chunks in. K's had some texture from the start, and doesn't seem so keen on the totally smooth jars of food.
I can highly recommend mushing up avocado and/or banana too.
I meant to respond to your last post too, because I think you're totally justified to feel the way you do about the IL situation. I'd be terribly hurt on K's behalf too if that happened to us. I felt jilted enough when both my parents spent so much more time visiting my brother and his family back before we had a child. It is very sad for M - maybe your DH could say something to them?

one-hit_wonder said...

i've been going with baby-led weaning - it totally appeals to the Lazy in me.

Chelle said...

I made the girls' food for a little while. It was easy enough-I used a blender and then poured the food into icecube trays. Then, I would take out as many cubes as needed and microwave for 20 seconds or whatever.

I got lazy and started buying Wal-Mart organic-which they really like too.

I do recycle the jars though. Makes me feel better about not making their food! haha.

Nicole said...

Thanks for trying Sprout baby food and for writing about it, Amanda! We hope that Michael will enjoy the flavor of naturally delicious foods and chef-designed recipes and that you'll appreciate our efforts to remain environmentally-friendly.
- Sprout Baby Food

Anonymous said...

I'm glad the baby food making went well and that Michael likes it. Originally I wanted to make all of Birdie's food, but just didn't have the energy to do it all. I did make and freeze bunch of peaches and sweet potatoes, and she likes them. I did carrots too, but she didn't like the texture of them. For the most part, we use Earth's Best, and some of the Plum Organics pouches. Those are great for when we are away from home.