Friday, October 15, 2010

We have thrush

It's been quite a medical couple of weeks for me and Michael.

I couple of weeks ago... or last week... we go to the pediatrician's office so often I can't even really remember, anyhow, I thought Michael was still hanging on to an ear infection. So we marched back into the ped's office. He had amber fluid behind the ear drum and the ped thought it was old fluid and not a new infection starting. He wanted to send us to an ENT to get tubes right away. I was a step ahead and had made an appointment with a highly recommended ENT that helped my coworker's kid have fewer ear infections by discovering the root of his problems rather than just putting more tubes in (the poor kid already had scarring occurring from several sets of tubes). So we are set up to go to an ENT, but couldn't get in until November, so we are still waiting. The ped seemed pessimistic about putting it off any longer, but he doesn't get to make the decisions.

Then on Monday this week I finally went to the dermatologist. I could blog about the many very WRONG things that happened at that appointment, but I won't. But after arguing with the doc for awhile, I finally got her to give me a script of antibiotics to jump start some of the massive acne infestation I have on my chest. Because this is ridiculous and I have been putting up with it for 8 months, and it hurts, and I'm f-ing sick of it. And because I'm damned a fair-skinned redhead, I got a nasty looking mole removed too.

And then, Michael ran a mild fever the other day that I wrote off to teething. But then he ran one again this morning, so I bit the bullet and took the kid back to the ped's office.

I nervously waited as he checked the left ear, then the right, and went back to the left. He asked me if I thought the ear would be better or worse... I just knew it would have to be worse because then he could do an "I told you so" and give me that look that says "You're a bad parent for not getting tubes in his ears last week like I told you to." But, miracle of miracles, it looked a ton better! I felt like I won the lottery. Sometimes it seem like all I hear is bad news lately, so it was nice to get some good.

But the bad was only moments off. Thrush. And that would explain why my nipples hurt (they are pretty bad, I'm kicking myself for not putting 2 and 2 together sooner). So we are being treated. But what a fine time to have just started a round of antibiotics! Yay. But at this point, thrush is better than another ear infection.

The good news is that Michael seems to be doing really well with it. We have been dosing him pretty good with the probiotics lately (I was hoping that they might help with his ear infections some how) so he doesn't have it too badly. And it was a good excuse to try yogurt, so he had some for dinner and really liked it.

I hope the yeast monster isn't too persistent.


Michelle said...

Yikes! That's good news that his ear infection is getting better though. Hopefully the appt in November will give you more insight. That would be great if they can determine why and fix that rather than the tubes. I hope you both feel better soon!

Celia said...

Oh man, poor baby and poor mommy. Peter has been pulling at his ears a lot but he does not have a temp, so I am still attributing it to teething.

Sophie said...

Gosh, I feel so bad for the little guy. I'm glad to hear that his ears have improved though.

Thrush. I have heard that it IS very painful, and for the longest time I thought I had it at the beginning of the bf-ing saga. Hang in there!

Anonymous said...

Oh no! I'm sorry about the thrush. I hope you can get rid of it faster than I did. Did they give you and him nystatin? That did nothing for us. I needed a full ten days of diflucan to get rid of it, and all purpose nipple ointment.

Do you have some APNO? If you don't, get your doc to write a prescription, but make sure the pharmacy you have fill it can make it an OINTMENT and not a cream. The ointment is much more soothing, even if it is a little messier. I had three different pharmacies compound it for me over several months, and eventually went back to the hospital I delivered at to get the good stuff. It was worth the drive downtown and the parking fee.

I'm glad his ears are better, and I'm glad you had the forethought to make an appointment with the ENT.

What probiotics do you use for him and how to you give them?

One Blessed Momma! said...

Poor kid - and you! I hope you guys are feeling better soon and you both get a break from the doctor appointments!!!

Jessica White said...

Goodness gracious! Have you considered chiropractics to help with M's ear infections...I know of some people who have done that and had great might be a good step until you get in for the ENT.

Also, probiotics (or acidophilus) while you're on the antibiotics. Hope you guys are on the road to recovery!