Saturday, November 20, 2010

Another week down

The tube surgery went really well. We were scheduled to be the second case that morning and the first case never showed up and we didn't really have any down time waiting at the hospital since we got moved up, so that was nice. We definitely were over prepared.

He did well. He's a very curious baby so he was too busy checking everything out to notice that he was being taken from mom and dad. He was gone for about a half hour and then we were called back to his prep room and told he was on his way. After several minutes of waiting I got antsy, expecting to have my baby back already and stepped out into the hall to see a nurse being wheeled down the hall in a wheel chair holding my groggy baby. He nursed and slept for awhile and we went home. He slept on the car ride home and then took a long nap when we got home. It was a nice little break for us... well for DH, I held him the whole nap. And then he was back to himself after that.

Cutest little patient!

We haven't seen any dramatic changes from the tubes. And I wasn't really expecting any. His ears weren't that bad... bad enough, but not that bad. The biggest one is that he's not picking at his ears constantly. He'd scratched up the inside of his ears a bit before the tubes and they are healing now. And he finally responded to his name. Although it could be a coincidence, I've been waiting on him to do this for awhile and paying a lot of attention and he finally did it the other day.

And when we were at the hospital we were probably less than 50 feet from the door to my fertility clinic's office. I really, REALLY wanted to stop by and show off the baby and DH was a big stick in the mud and said no. We didn't really have time but it would have been nice since we were right there. (And I would have called first to make sure it was ok. I wouldn't just march a baby into the waiting room of a fertility clinic. My clinic is pretty small so there weren't normally many patients in the waiting room.)

MIL was really insistent on coming up after the surgery and helping out. I didn't really think that was necessary and had DH explain that it isn't that big of a deal but she was really pushing. I wasn't going to let her and then DH pointed out that we could go see Harry Potter if she was here. I didn't even know it was coming out this week. I've been living under a rock for awhile. So we let her come and we went to one of the late shows last night.

But MIL pulled her weird, 'ok, I've been here for 5 minutes, time to leave' crap again. She showed up after lunch on Thursday (I was at work, DH was home with Michael) and when I got home DH mentioned that she thought she would leave out Friday now. Honestly, I was only ok with her coming because of the Harry Potter incentive, so DH talked her into staying until Saturday like planned. Then this morning she woke up and left before even having a cup of coffee. I don't know what her deal is, but I just don't get it. It was her idea to come in the first place.


Michelle said...

So glad to hear his surgery went well.

Kate said...

Glad all went well.
Don't ask me to explain weird mothers - mine fits the bill too. She'll ask to come, then seem in a bad mood most of the time she's here. If you're lonely and want to visit, why wouldn't you be nice when you're visiting so that people will ask you back more often?
How was the movie?

Amanda said...

It was great! I didn't really care much for 5 or 6 and I think it was better than either of them.

Sophie said...

I'm glad the surgery went well. He looks so cute and I love seeing his teeth! I know this is so cliche, but they grow up so fast and I didn't really understand that comment until now! He looks like he wants to walk :). Does he love standing?

Michelle said...

Awww he is such a cutie! I'm glad to hear that his surgery went well.
That would drive me crazy about the MIL subject. I don't understand it either. The sad thing is Michael will realize it in just a few years, and not want much to do with her....K is at that point with my IL's.

Jessica White said...

Glad to hear that his surgery went well: Hopefully this is the end of the ear issues.

How odd about your MIL.

We're going Saturday to see HP

Anonymous said...

Aww how cute! I'm glad the surgery went well. I hope the tubes help with the ears a lot. I know they helped me a lot when I was little. Before tubes I had ear infections all the time. Birdie just got over her first ear infection, and boy, that is not fun. Ugh and the antibiotics have caused a bunch of poop problems! We got her some probiotics and she has been eating yogurt like crazy so I hope that starts to help soon.

I'm sorry about the weird MIL behavior. I was just noticing that my MIL picks the least cute pictures of Birdie to put up on her fridge, right next to her son's baby. Why does she do that? That's what makes me feel like it is a competition. I'm glad you got to see the Harry Potter movie out of it though!

Wanted: A Pea for My Pod said...

Love the little gown