Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Be Prepared

I was a Girl Scout and our motto was "Be Prepared". I'm pretty sure we stole from the Boy Scouts, but it's a good motto and way to live life. And it justifies big purses.

There are a million things that I need to be doing right now, but instead I'm taking a few minutes for myself to blog. Why? Because I like to document things. And because I feel like I have really neglected myself the last couple of weeks and these few minutes are mine.

I need to be getting things rounded up for Michael's surgery tomorrow. Getting out of the house obviously more complicated than it used to be, but at the same time we've done it enough times I don't get stressed about it too much anymore. We've forgotten this or that and life has gone on. We need to be a little extra prepared for tomorrow so I do need to get on it soon.

He should only be away from us for a short time and I felt better about things when I was told that. One of my biggest concerns is the diapering situation. I wouldn't expect them to change him in that short time, but in case they did, I don't want them throwing one of our cloth diapers in the trash. So I bought a package of disposables. I figure it's a worthwhile purchase because we have this surgery to use them on, then we might use them while traveling for Christmas, and then he'll probably have surgery again in February for his hydrocele and that time we probably will need the diapers. So I expect this package will get used up. He's apparently in size 5's but I don't expect that he will make it out of those any time soon.

The other big concern is the fasting. He's a hungry boy that isn't used to being told no. I'd read that breastfed babies can be nursed closer to surgery because breast milk is easier to digest than formula so I was all prepared to argue with the nurse when she called so that he eat closer to the surgery. But I didn't have to! My hospital's rules are no food/formula after midnight but breast milk is allowed up until 3 hours before check in. So if he isn't awake already around 4 am (as is typical these days) I will go in and give him a dream feeding. Check in is at 7:30. I still expect to have a very upset baby but hopefully it isn't too bad. He bites and scratches me when he is hungry so it isn't very pleasant holding him off.

I need to figure out pumping tomorrow. If I don't feed him after 4:30 then I should be pretty engorged by ~9:30 and I'll need to get some of that out so that he's not choking on never ending foremilk. And if you fill that kid up with a belly of foremilk, you can bet that he's going to spit it back up... on you. I'm thinking that I can just take a couple of ounces off right after they take him back. And since's it's foremilk I'll just dump it which will save me from needing to take a cooler with me.

We need to take some things to keep him busy, but I doubt that he will sit and let us read him a book or something. I'm charging up the iPod in case I need to break out Trololo.

I should probably pack some baby food for after he's finished in case he wants some since we could have to stick around for awhile and it's a longer ride home. I should probably also take some food for DH and I.

The only thing that I'm really upset about right now is not having a good baby carrier to use. I've been trying out buckle carriers because they are expensive and I want to be happy with what I buy. I've tried a Beco Butterfly II and a Boba so far. I'm want to try an Ergo performance before I settle on one and I ordered it last week and paid for expedited shipping. They shipped it on Friday and it still isn't here. But, I shipped back the Boba to them on Saturday and it arrived there on Monday. Just to be clear, I shipped a package a day later and it will have arrived 2 days earlier (we are both shipping using Priority Mail so I don't know why they are so slow). W.T.H? Pissed. And I'll be breaking my back again to carry him around in my sling.

So we will be loaded up tomorrow. Pumpbag/purse. Diaper bag with cloth and disposable diapers. Food and utensils. Bag with toy/activities. Sling. Stroller (in case my shoulder gives out). Baby. Sanity.


Celia said...

I hope it goes smoothly. Thinking of you.

Michelle said...

Good luck with the surgery today.

Michelle said...

Good luck! I hope everything went smoothly. Thinking of you today.

Sophie said...

Good luck to you all! I'm so sorry it's been rough. I hope he feels better soon.

I bought an Ergo and it's really a lifesaver. Hope it works out for you!

SarahEdgeworth said...

My son had his tubes in when he was 9 months old as well- he was literaly away from me for about 10 minutes- That is all it took for them to put the tubes in and for him to wake up- as soon as he woke up I was allowed to nurse him- then he slept all the way home- still tired from being but out I am sure- and then he ate lunch when we got home. I do think that you are prepared- We also brought a little cell phone for my son to play with- it made a bunch of noise but it kept him busy. Good Luck- You sound very prepared

Kate said...

Good luck!

Chelle said...

Sounds like you have everything put together. My fingers are crossed that everything went well.