Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Oy... bad Monday, better Tuesday

After just celebrating my defeat of thrush in my last post, I pulled out my breast to pump Monday morning and immediately saw that my breast was red and hot. Lovely. I have mastitis.

I didn't treat it with antibiotics last time I got it and I thought about leaving it, but I didn't want to deal with it if it got worse so I decided to get it checked out. I called urgent care and they were packed. Then I called McSoothy and she's on vacation. Then I called my old primary and she was booked. So finally I got in at the "extended care" walk in clinic and got seen by a really creepy nurse practitioner. I kid you not, he called me "Baby" (after getting a look at my toasty knocker). It was weird. He clearly didn't know what to do (his first recommendation was anti inflammatories) but I'd called the LC and she'd already told me the recommended antibiotic and dosage so I gave it to him.

It really does seem to be a mild case so I'm not bothered by it. I think it happened because Michael skipped a few feedings over the long weekend and my breasts stayed a lot fuller than they should. Sometimes I think the universe is trying to tell me to stop breastfeeding.

I felt like mastitis was enough for Monday, but then I picked up Michael and noticed that they hadn't written down any milk for him so I asked to see the collection bottle I'd sent that morning. I'd sent a small bottle with fresh that I'd pumped Sunday and some bags of frozen milk. None of the frozen milk was touched. Only about half of the fresh milk was used and I know that there was only 4.5 oz in the bottle and some of that was used to make his oatmeal in the morning.

Nothing was written on his sheet so I asked the teacher still there what happened and she didn't know since she'd been in the other room all day. Then I caught the "manager" on the way out and asked her who manager for the baby home these days is. She said, "When something goes wrong I yell at Brit." What kind of answer is that? And on top of all of that it appeared that his regular teacher who I love and he does great with was let go so that's why she wasn't there.

That night was rough. Michael wanted milk badly but I had very little to give him since my supply was readjusting from the weekend (having too much milk for a couple of days kills my supply). I got him to take a couple of ounces from a bottle after I was tapped out. He wouldn't touch solids but was struggling for milk. I was so angry I could barely sleep.

I confronted Brit about it the next day. She'd only made one bottle for him before lunch and he refused it and she didn't try again. The bottom line of the story is that she pretty much failed Michael Monday. I told her I was pissed and he's been drinking 5-6 oz per day and that he's usually thirstier in the afternoon. They did better today and he drank 6 oz. And it turns out that his teacher wasn't let go... but since I like her I'm sure it will only be a matter of time until the management takes a wrong turn sicking it's head up it's ass again and gets rid of another good teacher.

In happier news, Michael turned 10 months today.

He knows to smile for the camera but makes a really cheesy smile now. I hope he grows back into something a little more natural.

Not really a smile, but more natural at least.

And in this round of "coincidence or the tubes" he finally started imitating sounds last week. He's working hard on making different sounds now. We can say a sound to him and he'll try to repeat it. And he still won't make "mmm" sounds normally, but when he gets upset he makes something that sounds like "mamamamama". He also thinks it's hilarious when we say "Bad Cat". This new level of interaction is a lot of fun and really rewarding.

He finally started a more traditional crawl the other week instead of just rolling. He's getting places quicker but he'd rather be up and walking but I don't think he'll get there until closer to a year.


Michelle said...

Man you guys need a break from doctor drama!
Happy 10 months to Michael! Hard to believe it's been that long already. He is so cute and I love his little cheesy grin.
I can't believe he went an entire day without them trying to get him to drink! Does he get fussy and upset when he goes that long? for them I mean. I just can't get how they let it go all day without having him upset and a mess. The baby here may not drink a whole lot at once anymore, but he still needs it offered several times a day. And if he refuses, we try again a little later. Lately it's more of a take him to a different room so he will focus on drinking it, type of thing. Rather than taking a sip and watching to see what else is going on around him.

Sophie said...

You poor thing!! That NP does sound creepy, what an inappropriate comment to make.

He is so cute, I really like that cheesy smile! Both are cute though :). Happy 10 months to your little man!

Jessica White said...

How absolutely frustrating!

That's definitely creepy that the doctor called you baby....weird.

Chelle said...

What cute pics! I can't believe they didn't give him anything to drink all day?! WTH?

Aren't the halo sleepers great! YAY.

I think I am switching OB's next year (my reg OB didn't deliver the girls) because at my post labor visit, after he looked at my lady bits and such, he got kinda creepy. I know how you feel-it's just not right!

Good Egg Hatched said...

Hey -- just catching up on your recent posts. Glad Michael's surgery went smoothly -- I'm sure you're glad it's behind you. Sorry about the breastfeeding woes but I'm really impressed that you're still able to breastfeed. I think that is a huge accomplishment!

Anonymous said...

Happy 10 months! I'm sorry about the mastitis and the NP. Ugh. I am so sick of doctors not being familiar with bf issues. We have thrush again (we have both been on antibiotics so I'm not surprised) and the stupid nurse at my doctor's office called in 1 diflucan pill again, instead of 14. I am so tired of having to stay on top of everything with doctors!

Wow, they just let him go all day without taking a bottle? That is awful. I am so glad you got angry with her.