Friday, November 12, 2010


I'd thought of a good angle to write this post from the other day, but I forgot it, probably because I'm exhausted.

I'm exhausted because Michael is having a really tough time lately. He's teething. He has strep. He has thrush. His ears are infected. He's constipated (I don't know to say 'again' or 'still'). He's working on a bunch of physical milestones at once. He's got stranger anxiety now. Stupid time change too. Can you say snowball?

So all the above has resulted in some big problems around here. He's waking several times a night. He get's up at 4:30 am. He won't nap. He won't let you put him in the crib. If I so much as walk 2 feet away from him he cries.

It's wreaking havoc at day care too. The day care teacher can't get him to nap and he cries if she isn't paying 100% attention to him all day long. She doesn't know what to do with him and I don't know what to tell her to do. I left work and picked him up early the other day he was having such a difficult time.

This has been building over the last week but I think the time change was the straw that broke the camel's back (even though we'd been trying to transition him for the last 2 weeks).

On Sunday he attempted to not nap at all and he was nearly successful at it. When we realized that our sweet baby was replaced by a monster bent on waking the dead we tried to force him into napping by going the cry it out route. He's 9 months old, he should take a reasonable nap at some point and if he wasn't going to nap we were going to let him wear himself out until sleep came. It became clear that it wasn't working. I'm sure it could work if we stuck to it, but we just are not ready to commit to that style of sleep training yet. He finally slept after we took him into our bed and that was even a short nap (sucking on my breast the whole time). Suffice it to say, Sunday was very trying. Sunday night was worse. Monday was as bad.

After that I decided that he was working through something and we really needed to help him with it. I also decided that he's basically reverted back to the sleep routine of when he was 5 weeks old. Those were dark days for me, I could not/cannot handle a 5 week old Michael. But I can handle a 6 week old Michael so I decided that we should go back to his 6 week old sleep routine and expectations.

We moved his 10pm feeding back to 9pm and added the 2am one back. I started holding him for naps again and expecting to fail when I try to put him in the crib. Lots more nursing (I think my nipples are going to peel off soon), lots of positive attention but also some brief alone time because we have things that have to get done too (he cries during it). We let the day care teacher borrow the buckle carrier we are using right now and it helped her.

And we seem to be making progress. It's still rough but we have seen improvement. He's doing a little better at night. He doing a little better during the day. I can go 3 feet away from him without him crying now. He's still waking up at night and for the day at 4:30am but I have faith that we will get back to normal soon. I was a little worried about spoiling him but I don't think we are. Here and here are some good articles I found that relate to what's going on and I think we are taking the right course of action.

His myringotomy (ear tube surgery) will be Wednesday next week. It seems like everyone tells about the miracle of ear tubes. "My kid started talking the next day." "My kid started walking the next week." "It was a life saver." I'm not expecting these tubes to be a miracle, but I'm hoping that we will all be satisfied customers and that maybe the tubes will hit the "reset button" on him. Time for another feeding.


Celia said...

You have my deep sympathy. Peter HAS NEVER CHANGED NO MATTER WHAT WE HAVE TRIED AND EVERY NIGHT IS LIKE THAT. Yes, I am delirious. Anyhow, I am praying we get some answers at the hospital. I too find it is helpful to just let go of what I would like and give Peter what he seems to need. Every once and a while I can put him down for a nap but usually it is MommyandPeter 24/7 He is really good about playing on his own now so I can do the dishes, etc.

Sophie said...

Poor little guy. It SUCKS when they are sick!

I feel like I could relate so much to this post. Mirabel is also back to her newborn phase, except she isn't sleeping during the day either!! Last night she was waking every 30 minutes, the day before every 1.5 hours. She is sick right now too.

...We will make it, somehow! Days like this I wish I had a grandma nearby to help!!

Michelle said...

I hope that the tubes help things change. I'm sure he feels miserble right now with all that going on, and the evil time change really messes with them. Even at 6 yrs old. Sorry to break that to you...
And I just wanted to add...the baby I watch is about to turn a year old. I remember between 9-10 months, before the walking really took off, he had a week or 2 of absolute terribleness. He would scream if I put him down, nap time was a joke, and after a week or 2 and my arms about falling off, he mastered walking and life was good again. He also had a cold during that time too.
I hope Michael feels better soon and that his tube surgery goes smoothly.

Kate said...

Hope the M&Ts go great and get M some relief. And I hope your sleep improves very soon. I'm scared of what will happen here with teething and/or our transatlantic Xmas trip.

Jessica White said...

OH man Sweetie! I'm sorry you, and M, are going through this. Hopefully things get better ASAP!

Chelle said...

OI. Man, you are doing a great job! It sounds like you are doing everything right and I can imagine how exhausting it is.

I hope everything normalizes soon and that Michael feels better so that you can feel better too.

Good Egg Hatched said...

I am so sorry you're having such a hard time. I wish I had some magic words, but H is in a very similar boat -- he whines constantly if I try to put him down for more than 30 seconds. I wonder if this age is one of the "touchpoints" they talk about -- developmental milestones. I'll have to look that up. I hope you get some relief soon, and that the surgery goes perfectly. Sending good thoughts!