Saturday, December 4, 2010

I AM a lucky girl

I take back any complaining I did about the first part of the week because on Wednesday Michael got a stomach bug and started running a fever and got diarrhea (cha cha cha) and then the vomit started.

DH stayed home with him all Thursday and I came home after a only a few hours of work to help take care of him. I wanted to be home to nurse him since he's not much for bottles and we were risking dehydration with as much as was coming out of both ends of him. Friday DH stayed home alone with him.

The poor little guy just had a awful time day and night. I don't think anyone has gotten much more than 2 hours of sleep around here in the last couple of days.

And the puking. Yuck. Poor kid, it's just awful when it happens. And it's never just once. There's the initial puke, then the follow up, and the finish up, and sometimes the bonus round. Puking is just such and awful feeling and I know it scares him when it happens. And I have been the puke receptacle of choice around here. He's thrown up on me all but 2 times. Lots of showers and laundry around here lately.

I took him to the dr. on Wednesday after day care called me. Then things were still so bad on Friday that we took him back again and he hadn't lost too much weight and since he's such a healthy size they weren't too worried but there was about an entire day when everything that went in came back out the same end. And he completely rejected solids. We did get a prescription for zofran for him which is nice to have on hand. And I'll just note that he's had his flu shots, there is some kind of stomach bug circulating around these parts.

He seemed to be all better by Friday evening and then this morning I was celebrating that he hadn't puked in long time and boom, more puke and a slight fever again. Definitely premature celebration.

I was telling a co worker about all the vomit-coated, night-waking that we have been having and she commented, scarcastically, that I was a, "lucky girl.' And I said back to her, "But I AM a lucky girl!" My baby isn't such a lucky little boy right now, but I still feel like a pretty lucky girl, even when things get messy.


Michael said "Mama" clear as day today! But I can't say that he totally understood that he was saying a word, so I'm not counting it but he does a lot of "ma-ma-ma" crying right now and I kid you not, the kid says "Iwantmama" when he can't see me and gets fussy, but again, I don't know that he really gets what he's saying.


Celia said...

That is awesome that he is saying Mama. Peter is still babbling and screeching which is adorable- but not like hearing Mama.

Your poor Peanut. He must have been so scared.

Kate said...

Hope M is all better very soon - that sounds awful!

Sophie said...

poor guy! That's the worst kind of sick to be. I hope he gets well soon and gets his appetite back.

Anonymous said...

Oh that sounds awful! Poor baby, and poor you! I am not looking forward to the first vomiting illness we get, but I guess you just get through it? Birdie has thrown up on me (not just spit up, but vomited) twice, somewhat randomly, but oh boy, I can't imagine hours and hours and days of it. Do you have any tips for how to handle clean up, what to wear, how not to get sick yourself?

Aww how cute that he said mama. Birdie says mamamama and dadadada all the time but I'm not sure it is directed at us. The one word she does say is CAT!

Jessica White said...

Hope you guys are all doing better by seriously gotta be catching a break soon.