Friday, December 31, 2010

Still here

I am so wiped lately. I have wanted to post so about so many things... Christmas, crafts, Michael turning 11 months, and more, but I'm just wiped.

So very quickly:

Christmas went really well and no one got sick! A Christmas miracle!

After coming back from Christmas Michael finally started sleeping through the night again (well, a down at 7, a dream feeding at 10:30 and then up around 5 am... so I'm still only getting about 6 hours in a row, but that's better than waking up 7 times a night). Another Christmas miracle!

Michael cut another tooth and because of the ear tubes we didn't have to put up with an ear infection this time. A Christmas An ENT miracle! (Although he did bite a bunch of kids at daycare while it was coming in. Oh well, it keeps the daycare staff on their toes.)

I turned 28 the other day and I was amazed at how many people wished me happy birthday. I pretty much get forgotten and I'm ok with that, but it was nice to hear from so many people this year.

Michael turned 11 months and is doing so great. It was fun to see him interacting with his cousin at Christmas too. When they sit together you can't tell that one is 6 months older than the other... then the cousin gets up and walks and it's pretty obvious. But Michael is walking with the walker we got him for Christmas. I don't think he'll be walking on his own by his birthday, but soon enough. I'm not worried, once he's walking it will just be harder to keep him out of stuff anyways.

I need to send out birthday invites. I'm such a slacker. And I'm not really looking forward to the party either because my house is going to be so crowded and we already got so many toys for Christmas that we really don't need more for awhile.

I need to email and catch up with so many people that it's daunting. Can I keep hiding and pretend that I'm just so busy with the holidays for another 6 months?

Michael loves cheese! We have a CHEESE MONSTER!

The project that has been killing me at work is finally done. I have always felt that they were just keeping me around until that project was finished and then they would get rid of me. We shall see. At least I won't be bringing home work every night and pulling all nighters again for awhile. (Yes, when the baby wasn't keeping me up, work was... try pulling an all nighter without coffee, it's not so easy.)

I'm so sad for Jen. I cuddled Michael a little extra last night after reading that.

The 2 best things about 2011 that I'm looking forward to is (1) getting vacation and sick leave again!!! And (2) tax returns!!!

I'm totally wiped. I've been tired a lot all year but I'm just wiped right now. After I put Michael to bed I lay down on the couch and can't even wake up to eat dinner. I guess things are just catching up to me.

Some pictures!

Cruising at Christmas

Trying to get a picture of Michael and his betrothed. We are still negotiating how many goats her father must pay us.

The Cheese Monster!

The picture I'm using for the birthday invitations. I wanted it to look rustic. My printer prints kinda dark too, so it's not that washed out in person.


Celia said...

I am insanely busy too. I blogged and fooled around tonight but I will pay later when Peter is up. He was up at 4 a.m. and took a twenty minute nap today. The only thing that kept me awake was the need to at least clean the kitchen so I did not wake up to a total crap hole tomorrow. I am about to have a snack and hit the bed.

I have no clue what to do about his first birthday. help.

We did not even send Christmas cards. We did make it to Santa, but every time we get a card in the mail I feel like a slacker. "whatwhatwhat???( Sheila Broflovski voice) NO CARDS!!!! No posing with a TREE?? No quaint holiday themed MESSAGE??!!"

Sophie said...

I love the picture you have for his first birthday invite. I hope your birthday was also a special one. Glad to hear things are getting a bit easier in the work/sleep department! Enjoy the new year :).

Jessica White said...

happy belated birthday! i think it would perfectly acceptable to tell people no gifts for a birthday. i was debating that for a's first, but didn' the future I think i'm going to...just too much stuff!

Glad to hear you guys are doing well.

happy new year!

Michelle said...

Aww he's just too cute! It's amazing how fast a year goes by. Belated Merry Christmas, Belated happy birthday and happy new year all in one!

The Lynchs said...

Love the cute Christmas pictures!

Oh, and happy (late) birthday :-)

Anonymous said...

Happy birthday! Yay for sleeping through the night, and for not getting sick! We have now had three or four ear infections since Septemeber. At what point did they recommend tubes for Michael?

I love the pictures! The birthday invitation is adorable! I stressed myself out so much about Birdie's birthday, wanting a ton of little details to be perfect, but in the end, she was sick and we nearly canceled the party that we flew halfway across the country to have. Keep things easy on yourself, and remember to enjoy HIM on his birthday!

Chelle said...

Happy Belated Birthday!

I've got a couple of cheese monsters too! I am glad. I love cheese and I am glad they appreciate the power of cheese. haha.

Having his birthday right after Christmas will present challenges, huh? I asked people to give the girls one toy and to give the rest of a gift in the form of money. People didn't care for that much, but I don't care because the girls have a nice savings account already!

Either that, or you could put most of the toys "away" and let him "open" them in July! :D

Glad you had a nice holiday and hope you have a moment to breath and enjoy!

Rachel said...

I love the birthday invite photo! What about asking his birthday party invitees to each bring one of their favorite books for a present? That would certainly limit the clutter and give your guy a nice library. You could even make it some type of children's-book themed party, like Dr. Seuss or Sandra Boyton.

I have to say, at the fusspot's 2nd birthday party I'd say that at least half of the presents I wanted to immediately goodwill (although a few I left out for a week or two, a few got stashed in the 'only when we're traveling pile,' etc.) It just seems like other parents like to give either very large or very loud gifts, neither of which do we really have the space/patience for at the moment. We did start an amazon wish list for the relatives, and a few voluntarily chose items off of it.