Sunday, January 30, 2011

I have a One Year Old

I have been super busy all week getting ready for Michael's party, which we had yesterday. We cleaned, made decorations, decorated, prepared food, it seemed like the work would never end.

I never blogged about Michael's baptism, but it really was an awful experience. Michael was only six weeks old and I was still extremely sleep deprived. We had to do it then or he was going to out grow the family heirloom baptismal gown. Michael screamed through the whole service. When we got back to the house DH's relatives jumped into help, but there were really too many people and I couldn't direct everyone and take care of an upset baby too. Things got missed (and we used catering to make our lives easier but it was still a lot of work). I spent most of the party nursing Michael or holding him while he slept. I only made it out to the garage where everyone was at the end of the party and was shocked to see how dim it was out there since half the lights were off. And I never even got a close up picture of him in his gown. It just was not an experience I want to relive.

So my goal with this party was to enjoy myself and my baby. My first idea was to trim the number of guests. I wanted to limit the guests to grandparents and siblings (still about 20 people) but DH would not have it and we had to invite almost everyone, which was about 40 people. Our house cannot hold this many people so we have to use the garage to fit everyone, and the garage in January is not such a great idea.

But though many, many hours of work everything came together. We've been cleaning the house in sections for the last two weeks. I've been making decorations since Christmas was over. We made chili, hot dogs, salad, and corn bread for the meal. Everyone said the food was good and we've never even made meat chili before so I'm so glad that it turned out well (and the picky eaters devoured the hot dogs too). By shear luck, we picked a lovely day (cause today was not so lovely). My parents came up a few hours early to watch Michael while we got things ready but the kid napped like a champ so they helped out instead. And they were actually very helpful and there was no drama which was nice.

The one thing I would do differently if I did it again would be to start the party later. We put 11am on the invitations and that was perfect, but people, lots of people, showed up a half hour early. Other than that it was perfect.

Michael woke up for his nap just before 11am (right on time) and was a little freaked out by everyone at first but he warmed up to everyone after lunch and had a great time. He let the grandparents hold him a lot and that was nice to give me a break and do some important things. He got a lot of good gifts. Some of them we put up to bring out later.

I didn't really have a schedule or end time planned out but I didn't need to. The party moved itself along really well and everyone started dispersing around 2 and was cleared out by 3. And the mess wasn't too bad so picking up hasn't been too hard.

So my goal was to enjoy myself and my baby and I felt really good at the end of the day like I had gotten what I wanted and everyone had a good time.


We decorated the garage and tried to make it less "garage-y" and covered the garage doors. We didn't have a real theme. It was kinda just a continuation of his bedroom really.

I printed all of these pictures and asked my dad to cut them out and hang them up and this is what I got. Oh well. At least they're up.

I hung a line of baby clothes from newborn though current (24 months) so show a little of his phenomenal growth. I had a lot of fun going though all his clothes.

More bunting in the house.

MIL made the big cake.

I made the smash cake, but don't be too impressed because I had the topper made by Cakes and Kids.

He wanted that cake!

He made a nice mess but didn't seem to understand to try to eat it. We tried to get him to eat a little but he just didn't want to.

Crawling through the presents.

Opening the presents.

MIL and FIL got him a very nice pedal tractor. It's a good heavy metal one even though it's the wrong color (although at least it isn't green). He looked so cute on it and looked like he knew what he was doing but he can't even reach the pedals yet.

It was so nice all the cousins went out in the front yard and made snowmen out of the left over snow. Snow is the best when you can wear a t-shirt while playing in it.

Well, that's about it. One year down. A lifetime to go.

(It's late, I'm tired. No proof reading until tomorrow.)


Celia said...

Happy Birthday! He is SO BIG! Wow. YAY MICHAEL! It looks awesome. I never had a party for Peter when he was born because all he did was scream( memoriessssss)so this is the first one. We have 2 months to go. Hot dogs sound like a good idea, we were thinking of doing pulled pork.

Michelle said...

Happy 1st Birthday Michael!!
It's hard to believe it's been a year. Sure goes fast!

~Jess said...

Happy 1st Birthday Sweetie!

I'm glad the party went well...I know it was one of those BIG DEAL things to me too.

Sophie said...

Yay! Happy Birthday 2 Michael! Glad the party went great and as planned. :)

Anonymous said...

Aww, Happy Birthday to Michael! It looks like the party was great and you all had a good time!