Tuesday, January 11, 2011


Before I had a baby I always thought I'd enjoy the cuddly newborn phase the most but now I think I'm liking this one the best. I love to see his little butt wiggle as he crawls across the floor. He's just starting to learn to dance and it's cute. The expressions are so innocent. And when I do hold him he's not constantly wiggling so he's actually more cuddly in a way. And books! He just loves to have stories read to him (more cuddle time!).

And so many things are happening so fast these days. Just after writing the post the other day about his first words he decided to show off a little more.

Last night he immediately got fussy at dinner. I thought he wanted cheese and was telling him that he had to eat his sweet potatoes first and then he did a funny little sign that looked kinda like milk but his hand was right next to his mouth. I'd seen him do it once before and I said, "No, no milk now." But he fussed more and did it again.

Then it hit me, "Oh, you want juice." That was his interpretation of juice. We put some juice water in a cup and instant happiness.

That was just so awesome to see him do that. I get more excited about new signs than words.

He's not a baby sign language prodigy or anything, but he's making progress. Most signs we've had to work for a long time to get him to pick up. But we really just started using juice so I was pretty surprised. His sign list now includes milk, more, all done, eat, and juice. We do mommy, daddy, and kitty for him too, but we aren't consistent enough with them yet for him to pick them up. We just started cheese. I think he might be motivated to pick that one up quickly.

We've also been doing no a lot lately. It's such an easy sign to use and he totally understands it! He's testing boundaries a lot now and we use it quite a bit but he's pretty good natured and stops doing whatever he's doing when we use it. We tell him no when he's shaking his sippy cup all over, trying to pull the night light out of the socket, and trying to mouth the cat toys (oy... the cats are trying to corrupt him).

I'm pretty pleased with the baby sign language. It's really pretty easy to learn a couple of signs and it helps him communicate with us. I hope we are able to keep expanding.

And on the verbal stuff, after dinner last night we said and signed "all done" to him and he said back, "Not done." Me and DH both looked at each other to make sure we both heard that right.


Rachel said...

I love the baby signs! The fusspot very rarely uses hers anymore, but when she thinks we're ignoring her verbal request she will sign rather impatiently as if to say "fine, if you don't understand that, let me put it another way" which is quite adorable.

Thanks for your comment. I hope that you're right about the lenth of the u/s. I had both 'growth scans' and BPP's last pregnancy every week from 21 weeks, and one of them went an hour or more, but maybe I'm misremembering and it was the growth scans which took forever. I definitely had a BPP the morning that the fusspot was born and it took at least 45 minutes (when I still thought I had a stomach ache and apparently no one noticed that I was actually in labor ...)

Celia said...

That is awesome, Peter signs milk, but only WHILE he is drinking. Not when he actually wants some. His little hand goes milkmilkmilk. And if I sign milk to him, he smiles and heads for my boob. I keep hoping he figures out that we are supposed to sign to each other. Do you watch the Signing Time videos? They are awesome.

Kate said...

I should start signing soon. Sounds so cute!

Anonymous said...

That is great that he is doing so many signs! Birdie still hasn't done any signs back and I'm getting discouraged. Her "sign" for milk is finding my bra strap and snapping it.
I didn't know the sign for cheese. I'll have to start using that with her, since she loves cheese so much now.
We have the signing time videos and she loves watching the kids. I was hoping that she would pick it up faster seeing other kids do the signs.

Amanda said...

We don't have any of the signing times videos. I've seen them but they look better for the 2-4 crowd to me. But daycare does signs too so he gets that exposure too. Maybe it helps that he sees so many different people doing the signs and it isn't just a silly thing mommy does.

Michelle said...

Awww that sounds really cute!
I checked out the link you posted, and apparently we're in a "stuck" point. I'll post on that in a few days. That's exactly how I feel though...

Celia said...

I like the signing time videos because they make it easy for me to learn, too. Plus they do please and help and potty, kitty etc. I take a different one out of the library each week.

Sophie said...

I know what you mean about loving this particular age. Mirabel isn't hitting all these milestones just yet, but it is so fun when they're able to interact with us more :). He sounds like such a sweetie :).

Jessica White said...

We do a bit with sign: She's starting to pick up more and more lately.

Glad he's really getting into it!

echo said...


Kris said...

Hey - - if he loves books, have you seen the Words by the Handful books? Stories that teach signs while you read - super easy and fun. I saw them on Amazon and love mine. There's a great website, too. Even my older children enjoy the books. My five year old reads them to our 2 year old and they both do the signs. Both our children signed as babies, and now, one thing they have in common is a huge vocabulary and command over it. Huge advocate of all the wonderful outcomes of introducing sign! Enjoy those precious little signs Here is the amazon link to the book set.


Jessica said...

Just found you through Stirrup Queens. Your baby sounds ADORABLE!!

Meara at Not Twenty-Seven Yet

Lila said...

Awesome! Glad to hear you are having so much fun with the signing.

We usually find initial progress on Baby Sign Language is slow. Then just after the one-year mark when their language development window opens you get an explosion of new signs and they have an insatiable appetite for new signs. So brace yourself.