Thursday, January 20, 2011

Snow Day

Whether I was still working or not I would have been home today because we got about 9 inches of snow last night (that's practically Armageddon around here) and daycare was closed today and DH had to go to work so I would have been home with Michael anyhow.

Because I have to give daycare two weeks notice before taking Michael out I still have it for this week and next and I've been using it. Truly, the only sadness I feel about not working is taking the benefits daycare away from Michael. I love taking care of my baby but I also feel that daycare has a lot of pros, particularly socialization (and some definite cons too in case that wasn't clear already).

So while I still have daycare our schedule has been to play at home in the morning until ~9am and then Michael goes down for his morning nap. He's been sleeping for 1.5-2 hours everyday, and it is glorious. Then he wakes up, nurses, and we get ready and leave so that he's getting to daycare just in time for lunch. I run around and do errands and pick him back up around 2:30 and take him home for his afternoon nap which is about an hour. Then we play until Daddy gets home. So Michael gets time with Mommy, 3 (glorious) hours of naps, and socialization at daycare. Yes, this might be the most perfect schedule ever... if only it could last.

But today, of all days, I actually needed to take him to daycare and it was closed. I was trying to help myself by scheduling a counseling session to deal with some of the work stuff bullshit using our Employee Assistance Program. I made the appointment months ago, but it just takes that long to get in. Well, it's kinda moot at this point, obviously, but I still think I could benefit from some counseling and my EAP runs through the end of the month so I figured that I might as well take advantage of it but since I couldn't drop Michael anywhere I had to cancel. I think today might have been an irony and bad luck 'lasagna'.

DH and I discussed whether we wanted to reschedule it or not. Luckily a law passed last year (this was a state law I believe, it didn't have anything to do with the federal health care overhaul) that mental health services had to be covered by insurance companies like any medical health issue so I can still go without my EAP for the cost of my copay which is a great deal compared to the benefits that I used to have (none). So I rescheduled and DH will stay home and watch Michael that morning for me. The only downside is that the next available appointment wasn't until March.

So today was my first real SAHM day and it went pretty well. I'm really rediscovering my baby and getting to enjoy him in ways I really haven't ever. There has been an paradigm shift in how I interact with Michael since our time together has been completely redefined. Michael's happier, I'm happier, DH is happier, the kitties are happier (they don't have to go to the basement during the day). Life is still busy and I still feel like I need to sleep for a week straight, but things are better around here.


Michelle said...

I wish we would get some good snow, just once this winter. I'm tired of the cold! We've had little snows but nothing like you just got! Wow!
That's really good to hear things are going better for you and everyone is happier.

Jessica said...

Really glad things are looking up for you :)

Meara at Not Twenty-Seven Yet

Celia said...

That is an awesome schedule. I would love to get that much dedicated time. Sometimes I think about putting Peter in day care for one day a week, partially to socialize him and partially so I could clean my damn house.

Gina said...

Glad your first day went well! And it's nice to have a transition with daycare, too.