Friday, February 25, 2011

$3,000 Balloon?

One of the grocery stores around here gives free balloons to children if you ask. This is great because Michael is a freak when he sees balloons and throws a giant fit because I won't buy them for him. So it's so great they they give them away (it's our Gerbes, which is the local Kroger chain, FYI) otherwise grocery shopping would be ugly.

So we went shopping on Tuesday. Michael got a blue balloon as seen here.

Tuesday was such a lovely day. Michael napped great. He was happily playing with the buttons on the washing machine when I took the picture. I was totally in the moment watching Michael delight with the chime of every button. A few minutes later Daddy got home and walked in the door just behind Michael. We were all so happy. That seemed like the best day ever.

Then the next day... Michael was trying to conquer sleep again and I was doing my best to get him down. I heard the cats playing in the living rooms as I nursed Michael in his room, no big deal. I finally got Michael down and left (this is at least an hour long activity). I found the balloon on the floor, but the bottom half of the ribbon and clip were gone. I immediately tried to find the other half. I found it in the next room, but about 2 feet worth of ribbon was missing. Shit. Neither cat showed signs of guilt, but I'm almost sure Ambrosia was the culprit. I couldn't do anything be feel a lump slowly go down my own throat.

Then Michael woke up (after being down for ~15 minutes) so I went to deal with him completely unsure of what to do. I honestly don't know what the time line was, but it was probably 2 hours between the cats attacking the balloon and me calling the vet.

Since it had been more than an hour he didn't think making her vomit would be useful. He offered preemptive surgery but recommended 'wait and see'. I think that is the best approach because I can't be 100% that Ambrosia ate it. And she could pass it just fine. Or not.

I decided to try the puke method anyhow. That was useless.

So I've been in a state of miserable guilt for the last couple days. It's my fault, I left the balloon out. I make sure they can't get stuff like that if we are leaving the house but I didn't put it up while I was trying to take care of Michael in the next room. And Ambrosia is notorious for trying to eat inedible things, so I should have known.

I hope, upon hopes, that it passes easily (assuming that it was eaten). So far I've not seen any signs of an issue, but we still haven't seen it exit either of them. I check each cat every couple of hours by picking them up and pressing their tummies and checking for signs of discomfort. So far nothing. They were allowed to stay upstairs with us the last 2 nights, but I think we will put them back downstairs tonight so they don't get too accustomed to staying up.

So we are still waiting and seeing.

A friend of mine had to have exploratory surgery done on her cat. It cost her $3,000 (turns out the cat swallowed several hair elastics). I sure hope that if we do have to do surgery it comes in cheaper than that, but I'm sure it will be expensive no matter what. If we get though this I might consider buying some pet insurance.

Here are the two little furballs cuddling minutes ago in Muffy's old basket. Currently Ambrosia is attacking me with her overly aggressive cuddling (very normal).

I'm such a dumbass.


Celia said...

I buy Peter a balloon every two weeks, he loves them and it is a surefire way to cheer him if he fusses. He obligingly shakes it and holds it out for Thunder to eat. When he does not have a balloon he offers Thunder my shoelaces. Thunder has been passing it no problem though I am not happy about it. I am probably going to knock off the balloons now that it is getting on to spring and I am not so desperate to entertain Peter.

This is going to sound really dumb, but I forget EVERY time that Thunder eats the balloon string because he never eats things he shouldn't. None of the other cats care.

Anyhow, Mr goes on String Watch at the litter box till it makes an appearance.

Amanda said...

Oh, wow. I'm so glad that Thunder is so good at passing strings. I hope Ambrosia is. She's had a stomach of steel so far (she like to chew foam bits off shoes and floor pads).

Michelle said...

Awwww hopefully the cats are ok!

Katie said...

Hi my name is Katie and I am fifteen. Today is saturday and on Monday I am going to the endocrin to find out if I have Pcos. I know you don't know me but when I saw your profile I knew I just had to leave a common.

P.s your little boy is sooo cute.

Anonymous said...

Oh no! Naughty kitty! Is she still okay?

My maine coon is a ribbon fiend. He will eat any ribbon or string if left out. I try to be really careful, but once in a while, something gets left out and he will eat it.
One of Birdie's birthday gift bags got left out last month and it had a little ribbon on it. Of course, he ate it and the next day I found pieces of ribbon thrown up in a corner. I was worried for days about a possible obstruction, but he seems to be okay.
Good luck with your kitty!

Anonymous said...

Oh, and I am in no way disappointed in you for feeding Michael meat! I am not judgmental about what people choose to feed their kids. For a while there, when Birdie was losing weight, we were talking about adding some meat to her diet if necessary. She seems to be doing fine now though and hasn't had any reactions to any foods, which is shocking to me since my FIL is allergic to nearly everything on the planet.

It is also shocking to me how much Birdie will eat at each meal. I would think she would weigh a lot more than she does. She will easily eat a whole yo baby and a whole jar of baby food along with a bunch of finger foods at one meal. I worry that she won't know when she is full. She rarely ever refuses food unless she doesn't like it.

The grape thing is funny. I don't really get why the skins are bad. Cutting them up is important because of the choking risk, but skinning them took so damn long that I just started giving the quarters to her with the skins on and she loved them.