Sunday, February 20, 2011

Michael, Conqueror of Sleep

I was going to write a post about getting locked out on the deck today with Michael (the door knob broke) and implementing important survival skills like how to skin a cat and diaper a baby with the pelt, but I'm pooped.

Michael has been on a war path with sleep all week. I think he's teething. He has a slight fever. He's been waking up at night all week and refusing to nap all day. It came to a head today.

I knew that Michael was not going to go to bed tonight.

After thoroughly nursing, Michael decided that I would make a good jungle gym. I had it at that point. I don't mind spending almost an hour every night nursing him to sleep, but I ain't a pacifier and I ain't a jungle gym.

I tucked him in and left. Hysterics ensued. Came back in 3 minutes and tucked him in again (he was standing at the end of the crib). Hysteria. Vomiting.

Michael vomits at the drop of a hat. He is an expert puker. We hadn't been going at this for 5 minutes yet when he puked. But lucky us, he was standing at the end of the crib and puked out on the carpet. Better on the carpet than in the crib.

I came back in and tucked him in again. I came in one more time to do it and he was out about 30 seconds after I left the room. It took about 10 minutes all together.

Do I hate that it had to get to this point? Yes, very much. Do I feel bad that he puked? God yes, horrible. Did he need to f-ing go to sleep? YES. Have I been trying nicely to get him to sleep all day? GOD YES.

Some days I feel like such an awful parent. Some days I know that others judging from the outside would think I am an awful parent too. Well, good for them, I'm glad that they think they can do it so much better than me. I suck, you are superior, you win, here's your medal. My kid sleeping is my medal.

I just hope he makes it through the night. I can dream, can't I?


Michelle said...

You are not an awful parent. The no naps no sleep days really suck. I hope he sleeps all night for you and you both are well rested in the morning.
We had sleep drama at 13 months, 2 yrs and 5 yrs. Molars if I remember right. And, now we have night terrors. And he's losing and getting new teeth every couple months. I don't know if it will ever end. I was just told scary stuff from a friend with a pre-teen boy.....I think baby waking is easier..or at least less awkward..haha

Amanda said...

Slept all the way to 5:45 (which is pretty good for us). He's fever is gone now too. I think everyone just needed a good nights rest. Hopefully we are getting back on the right track.

Kate said...

You're not an awful parent. He needs his sleep, and sometimes the only way an overtired baby is going to get to sleep is to cry a bit in their crib. Thank God K's not a puker, because we'd have done a lot more CIO laundry!

Amanda said...

Michael will puke if you try to feed him applesauce even.

Sophie said...

Just read your above reply--glad to hear he's sleeping better :).

Celia said...

You are a GREAT parent. Peter was up everyfriggin hour last night. Except from 2-6. You are just a leetle fried. No nap=bad time for all.

As far as the puking, welllll small silver lining- he is clearly smart.

Peter does this cry where one tear rolls out of each eye and just rests on his chubby cheeks while he protests EVIL MOMMY.

Jessica White said...

If you're an awful parent, so am I. Miss A has been doing the same thing....up every 20 minutes for3 hours straight in the middle of the night. I finally told her "kid you're done. I'm not coming back in here" she cried for 10 minutes and went to sleep. SeriouslY?!

They need sleep and frankly I think they get themselves so torqued out that they need to just melt into exhaustion and passing out.

Anonymous said...

You are most definitely not an awful parent! These sleep issues are incredibly hard to deal with, and you are doing a great job. I thought I was going to lose my mind a few weeks back when Birdie was getting her first molar (i didn't realize it at the time).

I'm glad it only took 10 minutes. It will get better. And then it will get worse again. Birdie slept 10 hours straight last night. I did not know what to do with myself in the morning when I woke up, rested, and she was still asleep. I think it was the first time ever.
Hang in there. Oh, and god, that sucks about getting locked out of the house. How did you handle that?! It must have been cold!