Tuesday, March 1, 2011

New Sign: Hurts

Before getting into this post, two things... First, my Internet on my laptop is not working. I don' t have a clue what the problem is. The wifi is fine and I have reinstalled the network adapter several times. I'm wondering if the network adapter could be shot? If anyone has any ideas please let me know. I'm typing on my iPod, so please excuse the lack of proof reading.

Secondly, we are on day six of string watch and still no sign. Whatever happened to that balloon string, it's not bothering either of the cats.

So onto the current issue. Michael is a very physical baby. He's really strong and he's a biter and a pincer and scratcher and slapper. Some days I just feel so beaten up by him and it's very hard.

So I decided to teach him the sign for "hurt". And he picked it up right away. Faster than he's ever picked up any sign. He would pinch me and I would say "owe, that hurts mommy" and do the sign. I'd only done it a couple of times and the he pinched me again later and I said "owe" and he made the sign out of nowhere. I was surprised but excited that he made the sign and praised him for the sign.

Well, I think he thinks it's a game now because it seems like he's trying to cause me pain just so that he can do the sign. I'm impressed that he's gotten the sign so quickly and he looks so cute doing it, but he isn't getting what I'm trying to teach him if he is purposefully hurting me. I wondered if he understood the sign at all.

So earlier today I had been struggling with Michael to take a nap and he was fighting it with all his might. I had him on the changing table and he was tired and fussy and did the hurt sign out of the blue. So then I didn't know if he got it and actually did hurt or if he was just doing the sign. I erred on the side of him actually being in pain and coddled him... he was tired and fussy so it seemed appropriate anyhow.

So I don't know what to think about his hurt signing. I think he's getting it but i just can't be sure.

And his napping has been in the toilet. If I were that tired I probably wouldn't feel too good either. Oh, I am that tired and I don't feel good, nevermind.


Feliz4life said...

Girl! I feel your pain! BamBam is also very physical and stubborn. Truthfully I just don't care anymore. If he doesn't take a nap, he doesn't take a nap. People call me a pushover but I just can't see stressing over things that aren't doing him any harm and won't make a difference 10 years from now. I am more concerened with his health and outlook on life, and if those are good then everything else is moot for me.

Anonymous said...

Ugh, I'm sorry about the pinching and rough play. Birdie's thing lately is scratching me with her fingernails (my fault for not keeping them cut, but damn, that is a huge battle in itself), and biting my chest or shoulder and laughing (though interestingly, she is not biting while nursing lately). It is so hard to know how to respond without making it a game.

That's great that he is picking up signs quickly. Birdie still only does milk, food, and more.

I'm glad your kitties are okay.

Jessica White said...

That is one of the things I am so grateful for that my daughter hasn't picked up any of those things......sounds like he thinks it's a bit of a game.

Hopefully he gets it out of his system soon.