Friday, April 29, 2011

Can I just say...

That I think Kate Middleton looked fabulous! Particularly her tiara and veil.

She has wonderful taste if I do say so myself.

I don't normally post pictures of myself. It's kinda like meeting a radio DJ in person. They never quite match the picture you've made in your head, but it I always really loved my veil and was really excited to see Kate wearing the same style. The style is a drop veil, in case you didn't know. I remember this evil beautician telling me that I was wearing my veil wrong at the practice hair session and I decided to cancel with her and go somewhere else last minute. If I was doing it wrong, so was Kate. Every veil doesn't have to be poofy.

It just so happens that one of DH's cousins is getting married and was going on about veils over the weekend. She couldn't understand why they cost so much when you can buy tulle for a couple of bucks at the fabric store. Yes, the whole wedding industry is a racket, but I felt my veil was worth the cost. It was a custom, handmade veil. They actually had to make me two because it was so delicate the first one ripped. The rhinestones were all hand applied (the white spots are rhinestone reflecting in case you couldn't tell). I couldn't afford designer dress, but I could afford a designer veil, so have always had a special love for my veil.

Yes, a fluffy wedding post that doesn't really have to do anything. Isn't it nice to dream about being a princess for awhile? If you have story about your wedding you want to share please do so in the comments. I'm definitely in a wedding mood today.

image borrowed from 2Space


Celia said...

We eloped. I had purchased a sensible green suit that I could wear to other things. Scott saw it and HATED it. Soooo instead of my nice suit I wore a dress from Torrid that I got on clearance. You could buy Elvis sideburns at the chapel we went to. :) I give you credit- let alone poor Kate. I could only stand three months of "Blush or Bashful" before I snapped.

Celia said...

You are lovely.

Sophie said...

What great pictures. Michael looks so much like you!!

Michelle said...

Love the pictures!
We didn't have a real wedding. Well...we had family, my mom gave me away, and we have family pictures. It was at the courthouse because I wanted no part of being center of attention like that. Now that I'm no longer that shy and weird, I kinda regret it.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful pictures! Your veil and dress are lovely! It's nice to have a face to go with the name!

I made my own veil. I wanted a very simple, but also very long veil, and I couldn't find what I was looking for. I made several mock ups to get the length right, since tulle is cheap. I had intended to sew on some crystals, but ran out of time before the wedding so it ended up being unembellished.

Chelle said...

AWWW! SO purty! I totally had a different picture of you in my head, but it's nice to put a face with the name! :)

My wedding was a great big party. It was great.