Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Easter Redux

We spent a long weekend at the in-laws for Easter this year. It was a good break from the routine. Michael had a good time and had fun visiting everyone. It rained, and rained, and rained while we were down there. It rained so much that the levees were breaking and the flooding made the national news. We didn't even stop to see DH's grandma on the way out because I didn't want to drive the car through standing water.

We actually own this field. About 1/3 of it has standing water on it.

But Easter must go on. Michael got an Easter basket from Grandma.

It stopped raining for just long enough to hunt some eggs. All the older kids took all the eggs pretty quickly and Michael didn't even have a chance to really play and have any fun with it which kinda made me a little angry.

After hunting eggs we took Michael over to look at the sheep. I was hoping to take a picture of him with one of the baby lambs but it was so muddy and yucky we didn't even try to get any closer. In fact, this was the only 'dry ground' the sheep had. Pretty much the rest of the field where these sheep are had water standing on it.

So we spent most of the visit in the house watching the animals across the road. The neighbor across the way is an animal lover and has quite an eclectic mix of animals in her pasture: cows, goats, donkeys, horses, ponies and miniature horses, and a llama. It was fun to watch the animals pass by in there respective groups. I felt bad for the llama, I think he needs a friend.

I enjoyed MIL occupying Michael most of the time we were down there. It's nice to occasionally veg on a couch without a baby fussing at your legs. Michael was pretty well behaved except at dinner out one night he wouldn't stop shoving his hands down his throat and gagging himself and ended up puking. Lovely. His sleep was fairly poor while we were down there too but I'm sure it's hard to sleep in a strange crib and we ended up doing a lot of co-sleeping.

I will say that I was not happy about a couple of things with my MIL. I don't want to get into it with this post but (1) hands should be properly washed after handling raw meat, and (2) I think she makes purposefully cutting remarks sometimes. My MIL is a very nice woman, but she seems to ignore the circumstances and say things that are inappropriate or unfair and it frustrates me. She was holding Michael on her hip showing me that she could cook like that (you know, she always took care of everything and did it with a baby on her hip because her husband was a busy man and I like my husband to watch the baby while I make dinner... so I don't burn him or anything like that). I mentioned that Michael is so heavy you can't do that for too long and he's so squirmy it's really not safe (I have world's wiggliest child, seriously, you'd have to see it to believe it, I potentially see an ADHD diagnosis in our future). After I said that to her she admitted that I was right and he was too heavy and wiggly to cook with but it was like she was saying it to one-up me in parenting. This is only one of many small slights which add up. She also asked when we were going to leave him down there alone with her. Um, considering I think he is much to young to be away from his parents for more than a night and since he's still nursing a night is really too much (he has never gone to bed without being nursed to sleep) it would not be happening for a LONG time. I really wish she would give it a rest on this. She's only been asking since he was a couple days old. It doesn't help that BIL and SIL have left their kid down there twice already for almost a week each time. I don't really understand that myself.

But not to take away too much. It was a good trip. But it was good to get home and cuddle the kitties again and sleep in my own bed too


One Blessed Momma! said...

Thanks for the comment today. I really appreciated it. It's nice to feel like you're not alone. I have read your posts too about your ups and downs and how you thought it was related to your cycle. I know I'm definitely worse when I'm PMSing. Anyway, thanks!

Oh, and I bet we could have contest to see who has a the wiggliest kid - lol. Kaitlyn never stops moving! :0) Hubby and I have joked that maybe we have a ADHD diagnosis in our future as well :0)

Michelle said...

I'm sure it's nice to get away for a little. It looks like a fun place to be around especially with kids.
I couldn't imagine leaving a small child with anyone for a week! Especially when it's not just a few minutes away. It took a really long time for us to leave K overnight.
And about the wiggly child. I could never easily cook and do stuff with K. He was always on the go and trying to get into everything. And he LOVED food, so if he saw it and didn't have it, he would flip out. I also feel that the kitchen during food prep is not that safe for them to be right up against.

Jessica White said...

It's always nice to come home....certainly my favorite place. Glad you guys had a decent time visiting.