Thursday, May 19, 2011

Country Boy

We don't really live in the country, but we definitely rural out here. Michael has inherited his father's love of dirt and tractors.

We don't have room for a real garden at our house so we keep a garden at a friend's house. He moved this last year so we are starting over again this year but that's ok. Our friend is really good about letting us come out and dig up his yard. It's also fun that he has several horses and dogs to entertain Michael with. We have a bunch of onions, garlic and squash coming up already. We planted a ridiculous amount of tomatoes and peppers the other day. I forgot what a good workout gardening was for your ass. Mine reminded me the next day. We tried to start our own seeds this year but that seems to have basically been a disaster. We got a bunch of decent looking plants at the local farm supply for less than the cost of all of the seed starting materials, so I don't know that we will waste our time with that next year.

Michael's off roading it! He's still a wobbly walker in shoes so he falls in the dirt a lot, but that's ok, we plan on him getting dirty... really dirty. He goes straight into the bath when we get home from the garden.

This kid loves digging in the dirt. Nothing was planted yet so we just let him go at it where ever. But even when I take him to the park I can't get him to play with anything because he just wants to dig in the mulch. The other moms look at us like we're weird.

Playing with the marker. I found and earthworm and gave it to him the other day. He promptly tossed it over his shoulder like he does with everything these days. I'm sure the earthworm survived.

This cute little guy is our friend's dog and he is just the best little dog. He doesn't jump, and it is so nice to pet a dog that isn't jumping on you with muddy paws all the time.

This mare had just giving birth the foal less than 2 weeks earlier when this picture was taken (the foal is laying in the hay). I think I like the horses more than Michael (although I prefer mules). Michael likes seeing them but not petting them. Probably because I won't let him down around them (for obvious reasons) and he'd like to inspect for himself. We also have to be careful that he doesn't grab the hot fence wire either... omg would that be awful.

This is back at home. He LOVES sitting on Daddy's ridding lawn mower and pretending to drive it. If I take him outside we have to play on the lawn mower. Don't worry, it will be a VERY long time before he is allowed on one of these when it's running.


Michelle said...

Awww he's getting so big!

Jessica White said...

He's so cute! I love that picture of him and the dog.

We tried seeds several years ago, and decided to try them again this year...major flop! With how damp it has been they've all rotted and molded over. I went to a local farm stand yesterday and bought the plants we need for less than it cost in seeds too. I think we're giving up on seeds.

Anonymous said...

That's a great pic of him. I love his hai, it's gotten long!

Life Happens said...

I love planting a garden and reaping what we sow, but I have no green thumb at all. I hope your garden will produce more than ours!

Michael is absolutely adorable!

Anonymous said...

How cute! I love that you let him dig in the dirt and get all dirty. I haven't been that brave yet with Birdie, plus she still puts bark and rocks and stuff right in her mouth. We don't have any landscaping yet, so our entire yard is mud. I hope that we can get things going to start a vegetable garden this year.

Oh, and our house almost always looks like a tornado hit it. Toys everywhere, stuff all over the counters.