Wednesday, May 11, 2011


Michael saw the moon for the first time in his life tonight.

It wasn't a spectacular moon or anything, just a little half moon. But until now he's been too little or it was too cold to have him out to see it. But tonight he was quick to spot the strange thing in the sky.

And then he picked a clover :)

Today was my husband's birthday. I realize it was 2 years ago that we found out that Muffy had cancer. We let Bliss and Ambrosia come out and sniff around in the garden. The only picture I got of them was of Ambrosia sniffing Bliss' butt (not posting that).


Celia said...

That is awesome. We took Peter to the zoo last weekend and he was AMAZED by the peacocks, I think he recognized them from his flashcards. Have I told you that Michael is the spitting image of you? Adorable!

Michelle said...

Awww that's really cool when they start noticing stuff like that. He is so cute!
And I think the cat picture would be hilarious. :)
The fever thing you commented. I read that before too and I only medicate K for his if he is acting sick. There have been times he's had fevers that don't slow him down at all, and I just let that run it's course. And stick to medicate only when he acts like it's bothering him a good bit.

The Wife said...

Moon! How cute!

Jessica White said...

Very cute! It's amazing watching them discovering new things in the world.

Chelle said...

What a cute moment that you captured!!

Awww, Common! Post the butt sniffing pic! haha.