Sunday, May 29, 2011

Private Thoughts

Despite my request, it is apparent that my spy/spies intend to keep reading. I do not wish to state exactly how I know they are reading, but they leave lots of tracks. I don't think they are even really trying to hide.

I can't stop them from reading without going private. I have thought about it, but I'm not going to. I blog to share my story. I hope that someone out there is benefiting from it. Most of the people find this blog by searching about PCOS or taking metformin during pregnancy and I want that information to be out there for them to find. I also want to share my parenting and anxiety and depression struggles, because I'm not perfect and it's isolating to think that you are the only one that is having a hard time. If that means some a-holes that I used to work with get to know that I think having orgasms could have helped me conceive, then that is the price. I'm not doing anything wrong and I won't act like I am.

I was in a very unhealthy work environment. I told my management how much I FEARED coming to work, and it fell on deaf ears. When I got fired I calmed myself by reminding myself that they can't hurt me anymore. And I'm not going to let them. I will never write a post about all the BS that went on there because I'm trying to forget about that place. Those people. How I was treated. There were good people there and I will miss them, but I can't separate the good from the bad and I'd like to just forget it all.

On a lighter note, I'm working on a craft project that I'm really excited about. I hope I'll be able to it reveal it later this week (if I don't mess up too much).


Celia said...

I left my blog open too, because I wanted information out there. Even if one person is helped, it is totally worth it to me.

Michelle said...

I will say that I have learned a lot from your blog. And I found it too by searching for PCOS. Back when I was trying to find if there was a connection with the gall bladder symptoms. So, I hope that you can keep it open. I've thought of making mine private too because I know someone is stalking mine but I agree. It sucks to feel alone. If sharing our experiences and thoughts helps someone, then screw the rest of the people.

Anonymous said...

I am sorry about the douchebag perverts from your old work reading your blog. Good for you for refusing to go private. You are right, your story is important, and I am really glad you are keeping it up.

I am sorry that your workplace was so bad. It is good that you are out of there!

Jessica White said...

Wow! I seriously think we must've worked for the same company. I've pretty much decided the same as you...once we tell family, then I'm going back to be "open".

If people want to get their jollies off of reading about our struggles, so be it.

Anonymous said...

That's how I found your blog, I was looking up flaxseed and PCOS. I look forward to keeping up with it having just had a wee baby myself. :)