Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Work in progress: Seam ripping

Sewing is always a feast or famine thing for me. A week of sewing every spare minute followed by a month of not even wanting to look at my sewing machine.

I'm currently seam ripping. I've changed my mind about something and created a bunch more work for myself. But on the bright side I got a new seam ripper the other day and it's making super quick work of it. It's one of those seam rippers with a ball on the short tip. I'm just gliding through my stitches with it. I wish I would have got one of these years ago (cause I use my seam rippers A LOT). I just had to share that.

Back to work.


Samual said...

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~Jess said...

My seam ripper is my best friend sometimes...more often than not :-)

Kate said...

When do we get to hear about your project?
I've got to get my sewing machine fixed now that I have time to get on with some crafts again (must make an advent calendar before Xmas!).