Thursday, June 9, 2011

Beat the Heat

It's been pretty hot around here lately. I've been hearing the term "heat wave" quite a bit, but really, this is my expectation of what 'summer' feels like. Hot, humid, muggy. It's rather unpleasant here in Misery. But what can you do?

We have been trying to get out early to avoid some of the heat. Stroller walks around 8 am. It helps but it's already 87 and still so muggy that my jeans were sticking to my legs and I had to break my solemn vow to never wear shorts unless I'm on vacation or exercising. I guess you could count pushing a stroller as exercise. My legs are so white.

Mid-day we have been doing our usual shopping and library visits for an activity. But otherwise we stay indoors. Thankfully he naps from about 12:30-2:30, so that a good chunk of the hottest potion of the day.

I was trying to entertain him the other day and pulled a big pillow out of this basket I keep stacked high with pillows. It was a hit, I knew it would be, he LOVES pillows (squeezing soft things in general). It became useless to try to put the pillows away so we threw them in front of the bay window in our bedroom and they make a nice little out of the way spot to play and cuddle in now.

So I mentioned that he like to squeeze soft things... well, his favorite soft things to squeeze are the cats. The are remarkably good natured about this, and he is relentless. It's kinda mean, but so cute and I probably let him torture them longer than I should. They are too dumb to realize that they just need to walk away when they get tired of it, so that's their fault.

Our town is really small and there isn't much to do here indoors so we have to go to the next town over for almost everything which adds up with the price of gas these days. Hence I try to limit our trips but I've found a local way to treat myself once a week. We do have a McDonald's in town and they have 'happy hour' now from 2-4 and you get a $1 off their McCafe drinks. So we go after he gets up from his nap once a week. I get a sugary coffee treat (it has been soooo long since I let myself enjoy coffee) and he gets to play in the play land. He's not really old enough to go in the tube maze but there are usually other kids there and he has fun with them. It's a nice way to get out in the afternoon when it's too hot to be outside.

And then later in the day we go on the deck and play in the kiddy pool. We have a covered deck so we can really go out anytime and not have to worry about the sun, which is nice. Somedays we go out twice a day. I use unstuffed FuzziBunz as swim diapers and they work just fine.

Splish, splash.

Stay Hydrated.

Just because you're wet doesn't mean that you can't hug a kitty.

Enjoy nature! See the tiny praying mantis?

Speaking of bugs, if you don't live in certain parts of the south or midwest, you may not be aware that the 13 year cicadas are back. I'm not a fan. They are creepy and (very) loud. And until the other day, I hadn't seen any on the deck since it's a small distance from the trees. But that didn't last. The cats were afraid to go on the deck for a week after they started making noise. Now they think they are bad ass cause they killed some incredibly dumb bugs. Here they are showing off their prey. They are typical cats and trying to bring their prey inside. Yeah, no thanks kitties, you can keep those.

Bliss. Yuck.

Ambrosia. Yuck.


Michelle said...

Hahaha!! I love the hug the kitty pictures. Kristopher use to do that with Zoey. Now it's her sitting on him to demand attention. If they tolerate it so well now, I bet they will be best friends when he's bigger too.
Thanks for your comments on our recent stuff. I do have an update later, but too tired tonight.

Celia said...

We are melting here too. UGH. I put the pool on the front lawn and we go in twice a day. It's supposed to rain today and most of the weekend here. dum dum DUM! We got an inflatable pool with a little umbrella thing to keep the sun off our superwhite child. Isn't it a drag to try and figure out what you can do that does not burn through gas and cost a lot? There is some super awesome museum being built near here, but it won't be ready till Spring. Unhelpful.

Sophie said...

Those are great pics! I love the snuggly ones :).

Jessica White said...

Looks like you guys have a great start to the summer!

I love the pictures of him cuddling the kitties on the pillows...that looks like an awesome spot to chill out!

Kate said...

Love the kitty hug photos! So cute. Glad you're making the best of the "heat wave".

Anonymous said...

Wow, it's 87 by 8am? Yikes. We have had several patches of hot and humid days but we often get a break of a day or two with highs in the 70's. I like your ideas for staying cool.

We have a water table for Birdie, but no pool yet because we don't have a good place to put it until our grass fills in a bit. She loves to pour the ice cold water all over her. We go to the library a lot, where it is nice and air conditioned. McDonalds is a good idea. I hadn't thought to try taking her to the play area. When I am really desperate, I take her to the grocery store and chase her around the aisles.

I love that your kitties are so tolerant of Michael's hugs! Those pictures are adorable. Our cats won't even let Birdie get near them before they bolt out of the room.