Wednesday, June 29, 2011

The River's a Rising

I had Michael at the library awhile ago and overheard a dad saying how much fun it was to park by the bridge and take the new pedestrian bridge across with his kids. I thought it sounded like a good idea and so Michael and I did it. And I'm glad that we did because I discovered a whole bunch of new activities in doing so.

So one thing I like to do is park on the north side of the river (the side I live on) and take the stroller across to the south... then maybe down town... down to the ice cream parlor... around the historic buildings... whatever, so much more interesting than my neighborhood and good exercise.

But you may have heard about this lil 'ol Missouri River flooding, which is a bit of a problem around here. Granted, not a problem like up in the South Dakota and Nebraska, but still a problem. Particularly if it floods out where Michael and I walk (which is very possible).

So we headed down there today to take it in again in case it gets flooded (or closed for safety even). The water is definitely getting higher.

We took the new stroller.

Because we had the new stroller we were finally able to go down the nature trail. It's right next to the river and was only about 1.5 feet above the river, so I thought that we'd better go down it today because it might not be there tomorrow.

You need a tough stroller for a trail like this. No fallen trees, tree stumps, or bushes could stop us. And Michael loved it. He was chattering the whole way.

Although this did stop us. Oh well, I'm pretty sure this was about the end of the trail anyhow.

We came back and went past the community gardens, the demonstration gardens, the athletic fields, the pavilion, the play ground, and towards the Katy Trail. Here are some old rail tracks left in the ground from when it was a rail road.

But I wanted to go across the bridge so we turned around and headed back. Then we went up the walk way.

To the bridge.

Across the river. Here is the river from 2 weeks ago.

And today. It's definitely up and muddy and flowing faster, but nothing too dramatic.

If you live by a big river you get used to the bickering between land owners and the Corps of Engineers about flooding and river rising and natural occurrences too. I tend to take the position of "the river was here first so it gets to do what it wants" but I will be sad if all recreation area floods again and it's unusable for months.

Then I decided to brave downtown with the stroller. I wanted to see how well a double would work on the narrow sidewalks. Then we went to the ice cream parlor and I was worried it wouldn't fit in there, but it did fine. I definitely have a lot more confidence in it now that I know it's not going to be too big to take in more crowded areas. (Sorry, I didn't take any pics.)

We finished and went home. That was 8.5 miles.

Note to self: buy new socks.


Michelle said...

Looks like you guys are having fun! I love the stroller. Is it a bike trailer too?
One of my favorite things to do with K is to go on the trails around here. We've done it since he was almost a year old, and he really loves it.

Jessica White said...

What a great stroller! And how awesome are those trails and walkways...particularly that they lead to ice cream :-)

Anonymous said...

8.5 miles! Wow, that's quite a hike! The new stroller looks great, and Michael looks like he is enjoying the walk!