Monday, August 15, 2011

Development Explosion!

It seems like there is so much going on in my head lately. One of the reasons I shy away from my blog is that I can't focus in on a topic (and that I don't have the time). And while I still have more things I'd like to blog about, today I just have to share Michael's explosive development lately. What, I'm a proud mom, so sue me.

With Michael things move real slow for awhile and I find myself wondering if anything is getting through and then he'll have a bunch of development all at once. When this happens I'm always just in awe of how cool this kid is. It blows my mind. But lately, wow, it's just crazy.

His vocab seems to be growing exponentially. He's still really hard to understand on most things, but he's spitting out new words every hour that he's awake. It shocks me the most when he says a word that we don't use a lot. It's like, "Whoa, when did I even say that last?" I think I will have to be a little more careful with swearing now too (not that precocious cursing isn't adorable).

He put two words together for the first time the other day. He said "read book." Or course it sounded more like "eed bokh" but really very understandable (and he was shoving a book in my lap too).

He's counting, well not really, but sort of.... The other day I was pulling the diapers out of the dryer and counting them as I put them in the basket (I always do this to keep an eye on how many diapers he goes through a day). I pulled out the 5th one and tossed it in the basket and stopped to dig deeper in the dryer and before I could get the next diaper he said, "six." I figured this was a fluke so I tried it again the next time I was doing the diapers. I stopped after the 4th and he said "five." Then today I was waiting on him to do something and I started counting (I count to three and if is doesn't do what I ask he goes to the naughty chair). I said "one" then he said "two." But he wouldn't do three.

Of course this doesn't mean that he can count, he just knows what word comes next. But he maybe able to count to 2 because I handed him two crayons today and he said "two." We count to two all the time, so that one would be on for what he's learned.

I've been working with him on his colors. Apparently it's pretty difficult for kids to learn their color words (this article is interesting, I'm going to have to try what they suggest), but Michael seems to have blue and orange down. He doesn't have a clue on the rest of them, but those two he seems to get right most of the time all of a sudden. Oh yeah, and he knows brown like a pro, courtesy of Mr. Brown Can Moo! Can You?

He started spinning in circles the other day. He will spin around and say "circle," he even got down on the floor and started drawing circles in the carpet with this finger.

So maybe this isn't that extraordinary, but when it all happens within a half week time span, it just leaves me wondering "What will he do next?"

The one place he isn't wowing my pants off is his motor skills. This kid is clumsy. Painfully clumsy. He bumps into so much stuff you'd think he was a pinball. And this leads to a lot of tears, which is annoy, honestly. It just really gets old quickly watching a toddler sob, red-faced on the floor every time you turn around. There are days I just feel like bubble wrapping him and sticking him in his crib. This kid has got to get better balance or more careful or tougher.

Ok, I'll STFU now.

First Oreo


Stacking TP


Ugly crying


Michelle said...

Awww he's getting so big! I find it truly hilarious how they learn the 1,2,3, when counting for time outs or whatever. K done it, and these 2 have started too. They look at me with such attitude. I say one...and I see this attitude toddler grin, and a plain as can be "TWO!" Hard not to laugh at times like that.
But, it's moments like that, that reassure you that you are doing a good job and they are learning and growing well.

White Picket Fences said...

A2 just had his language explosion ..just as I was about to enroll him in speech therapy. It's bewildering to have them suddenly spew out 40 new words a day. The naming the colors thing is interesting. A2 KNEW all of his colors pretty young - he could pick them out when you asked for them but would NOT say any of the color words. He answered "purple" to virtually every color, and used "purple" when he tried to talk about color in any way. I thought it was odd ..then noticed that my friend's 2 year old did the exact same thing ..but used Yellow. One of the first things in his word explosion was ALL of the colors. He said turquoise one day and I nearly had my head spin off. How do you start with purple and turquoise?!? Kids are fun.

Kate said...

Love this update! M sounds so smart with all the language stuff. Glad he's doing so well!

Jessica White said...

They are so mind blowing with how quickly they do things: It's truly amazing.

He's getting to be such a big boy now!

Anonymous said...

What a cute little boy! Its so good to see someone who has successfully fought PCOS, I am in the middle of my own battle with it!