Monday, September 19, 2011

Creative me!

I struggle with what to do with the blog these days. I think a lot of infertility bloggers find themselves in the same position after they get to the other side. This isn't an infertility blog... or a mommy blog... or something else entirely. And it doesn't really have to be anyone thing, but I feel like I'm misusing my blog when I completely veer from IF. But I don't want to leave this blog. This is my home on the internet. So, it's time for some rearranging and here's my new plan:

Posting once a week on life, IF, whatever.

Posting my craftier pursuits on Monday and linking up to The Southern Institute's Creative Me Monday.

And I'll probably do a boastful "mommy post" at the end of each month about my cute little man. I plan to be completely unapologetic and totally gushy in these posts, and if that's too much for you, skip it.

Alright, so that's how I'm going to try to roll for awhile and see how it goes.

Ok, so it's Monday and that means...

I've been trying to keep myself on sewing projects over here. I've got a long to do list and I've been slowly, but surely cranking stuff out. So this first post is just the back log of stuff that I've been meaning to blog about.

Curtains for my nephew

My SIL asked me to make curtains for my newphew's room. She moved him out of the nursery into his "big boy" room to make way for the new baby. She currently has a sheet covering his window and but wanted some nice blackout curtains that would grow with him. I found a nice Annie Selke pattern called Indigo Links at Joann's and we both thought it would look great in his room for years to come.

Just look at those curtains blocking out the light!

The curtains are simple tab tops. They look really nice and I think the blue and ivory will look great with the yellows, oranges, reds, and blues in his room. I tried them out on Michael's window to check measurements (they are not yet hemmed in this photo and nephew's window is longer than Michael's). They look great, but don't photo graph well. The pattern looks really busy, and they are a little busy, but it's not that bad in person. Anyhow, they are done and I'm glad to have them out of the way.

I'm supposed to make him some floor pillows from the remnants but they are lower priority and I don't have the time just yet, but soon. They will be my first piping project.

Drapes for my (soon to be) niece

I'm surprising my SIL with curtains for my niece's room. She was wanting curtains for the nursery but decided she'd rather have curtains for nephews room and didn't want to ask me to make both, so I decided to make some anyways. BIL knows about it so he can stop her from buying anything in the meanwhile before I give them to her.

The fabric is really pretty and girly and perfect for her room. They are rod pocket curtains with Sonata Sateen lining on the back and a pretty muslin ruffle at the bottom. I tried them out on Michael's window too (his rod isn't high enough for them, but they should just touch her floor).

Close up of the fabric. There are little pintucks sewn into it and ric-rac and ribbon sewn on it.

This is the nursery it will go it. It will coordinate really well with the purple and green.

I need to make them some tie back and I'm making baby blanket out of the fabric too, but my ruffler foot is being jerk right now, so I'm not sure when I will finish it. The baby's going to be here in November, so I can't slack too much longer.

Fall Jacket for Michael

So it's cold all of a sudden and I'm not really prepared for this weather. I think I was just dying from oppressive heat 2 weeks ago. I need to make Michael some pants and long sleeved shirts for this winter but first priority was to make him a jacket for the cool mornings.

I made this from Kwik Sew 2911. It's made with Polartec 200 weight fleece and it's AWESOME! (I don't want to get on my soapbox about fleece, but if you are making things to protect from the elements, you should get high quality fleece... probably not the stuff at Joann's. Stepping down.) I'm so happy with the way this turned out. It looks store bought and it's very warm. And he likes to wear it!

His ears look better than that in person! His hat makes them look funny.

I have some more Polartec to make a few more of these. I'm going to make him a red one with a hood out of Windpro that will really keep him warm when things get nasty. I'll still need to buy him a winter coat, but this will cover a lot of the season.

It's also nice being able to customize the sizing. I used the 3T pattern which left the arms just slightly long (I trimmed them down) and the length just slightly short (the 3T is probably sized correctly, Michael is just super long). Next time I make one I will be sure to add a little to the length.

Fall Cardigan for me

I haven't gotten myself a new fall jacket since I was pregnant with Michael... in fact, I was still wearing my maternity cardigan. I was not happy about that situation (and now that Michael's older I definitely don't want people thinking that I'm pregnant because I'm still wearing maternity clothes) but me and clothes just don't get along so I refused to spend money on something again until I found something I liked. So I made myself a fall cardigan out of some grey knit I got at Joann's.

Just think how awesome this would look if I had a waist!

I followed this tutorial and it turned out really well. It think it's a versatile piece and I love the fabric. The only bad thing is that the knit is really light and it won't work for too long so I'll have to move on to my coat or something heavier soon.

Reusable shopping sack

I have an Envirosax reusable shopping bag that I love but they are kinda 'spensive and I'd been examining it for awhile and thought I could make one myself.

I got some nylon yesterday and made it last night. It took about 3 hours from making the pattern to finish (and cooking a quick dinner in there too) but I'm really happy with the result. It's constructed identically and is as good quality wise as the originals or better (but definitely not as pretty).

They roll up easily and compactly, so you can always have a few in your purse or car for unexpected grocery trips.

My grand plan is to make these as stocking stuffers for Christmas. A fabric coop that I'm in has nylon for cheep right now, so instead of paying $7-$15 per bag, I can make them for about $2.

I've actually had a couple other small clothing items in there too, but I didn't take pictures. Check back to see what I'm making this week next Monday and stop by The Southern Institute and see what other creative people are posting!


Chelle said...

HOLY CROW!!! Look at how crafty you are! Thank you for the links, as I will be exploring those soon!

I have been sewing too, but you are way better than I am!!

Good job on Michaels jacket and your cardigan!

Kristin said...

Wow! You've made some awesome things! Both your son's jacket and your sweater look store bought! You should open an etsy shop - I'd pay for everything you posted! My sewing machine and I do not get along well. :)

Anonymous said...

Yes, seriously, you should start an etsy shop! Your projects are amazing! I want to know when do you find the time to do all of this? There is no way I could get out my sewing machine while Birdie is awake/playing/climbing on the table, etc.

Michelle said...

Wow!!!! I love all the crafty stuff! Most of all I really love the bags. You should start selling. I'd totally buy some!
And really, if this study works, would you be interested in making me a diaper bag? I love the ones you've made, and I'd gladly pay you to do it!
You do awesome work. :)

Jessica White said...

That all looks awesome! I love your niece's curtains!

so many bloggers seem to struggle with the "what is my space?" question: Glad you got a system in mind!

Kate said...

Boy are you prolific! Love the jacket especially.

Sophie said...

Awesome projects! I admire your sewing skills! Have you ever thought about teaching? I love the curtains! I need curtains but can't sew anything that long! LOL I tried making curtains and it was so tough sewing something that long straight. I don't know if that makes sense. Is there a secret? i'm probably just inept. The sweater is so cute too!