Sunday, September 18, 2011

Last weekend

I'm getting pretty poor about keeping up with blogging lately seeing that it's Sunday night and I'm blogging about last weekend. I think I'm going to work on a bit of a blogging schedule that is more satisfying for me, but more on that later.

Last weekend was a big weekend for us. The national Case tractor show was at the show grounds near us. This was a pretty big deal for my husband and his tractor club. We planned to spend a lot of time there. Michael is tractor obsessed and was thrilled to be surrounded by them.

And DH had to be a hotshot and take his combine to the show.

I added a detour into the weekend... We had just got a copy of the farm bureau's quarterly magazine and there was an article about the Anheuser-Busch's Clydesdale breeding facility. I mentioned it to my husband and he let it slip that it was just across from the show grounds. I was so excited! I found out that they gave tours and jumped to sign us up for a tour on Saturday. DH was not excited about the tour. I always love seeing the Clydesdales so the tour sounded like fun.

But honestly, it wasn't much of a tour. We didn't get to see many horses and we only toured the main barn. I was envisioning something more like a wagon right through the pastures of the facility to get a look at the horses. We just stood and stared at empty horse stalls. It was hard keeping Michael still. Mutual torture. So it kinda sucked because the tour was my idea.

Michael was pretty into the semi-trailers. You can always win with trucks or tractors with that kid.

It was a pretty good weekend. Delicious kettle corn.

Nothing exciting this weekend. More fun and kettle corn next week!


Michelle said...

K would be in absolute heaven! He's been in that stage since around the same age. And he would just crap himself if his daddy had a big combine like that!! He's more of a John Deere freak, but LOVES big red combines. Cars was the first movie we took him to see and his favorite is Frank, the big red combine. To this day, they are all Franks.

Jessica White said...

sounds like a boring tour, but definitely something I would've wanted to do too.

Ahh...tractors...a kid's haven. DD loves tractors and trucks!

Celia said...

If I posted more they would ALL sound the same. Peter is fun/trying to kill himself/I am paranoid/gee the house is messy.

Peter would DIE from excitement if he had access to a combine harvester. A month or two ago they were doing big time construction behind our house and he happily stared out the window for about a half hour each day. So like..12 hours in toddler time.

All Peter wants to play with are things with wheels. He is Essence of Testosterone.