Monday, September 26, 2011

What to do with leftover curtain lining

It's one of those weeks when I'm caught between what I want to sew and what I need to sew. And to top it off, I'm slightly sick (a consequence of visiting the inlaws) so I don't really want to do anything.

But it was another one of those chilly mornings and Michael currently only has 3 pairs of pants that fit him and all are in the laundry. So I really need to get with the pants making. Luckily I did buy a bunch of fleece last week at Joann's 50% off. And I saved even more when I picked up some fleece remnants which are already 50% off (you get the sale 50% on top of that).

So I needed to update my pants pattern. I found my recent shorts pattern and knew I needed to add a touch to the rise and make the legs longer. I usually like to make my patterns on big pieces of paper but I'm about out. I have some muslin that's good for patterns but I don't like tracing it. I bought some pattern tracing paper the other week. Big mistake. That stuff is about useless it's so thin. Tear resistant my ass. And then I remembered my left over blackout lining. Which leads me to...

I had a bunch of left over lining from sewing my nephew's curtains. I never know what to do with excess drapery lining. You can't really sew it together to make a bigger piece because then it won't really be 'blackout' anymore and it really only works as a curtain lining so it's not like you can use it in other sewing projects too easily. And it's such nice material, I hate throwing it away, but that's what I've done with it in the past... well only after months of holding on to it hoping I find a use then finally giving up and tossing it while cleaning.

So I had a little pile of it sitting next to my sewing table the other day when I was getting ready to make my reusable shopping bag. I knew I'd be using that pattern a few dozen times so I wanted to make it out of something that would last and be easy to trace and that when I remembered my blackout lining. The pattern worked great and I folded it up to use again later.

Main bag and reinforced handle. I will try to make a tutorial for this bag later.

So I went ahead and made the pattern for some simple pants. Blackout lining is easy to mark on with permanent marker and doesn't bleed. It also cuts like a dream. It's a little thicker so it can easily be traced. It lays flat even after being folded for a long time. It might be the perfect pattern material.

I'm so wasteful... I didn't even try to get that on the side.

I fold my patterns up and put them in gallon zip lock bags when I'm done. I keep all of Michael's pants together so I always make each set with the month and year so I can tell one from the other.

At least I tried to conserve fabric with this piece.

I got the pants I made with this pattern nearly done and tried them on Michael and realized that they were too wide. I trimmed down the pants and then went back and trimmed down the my pattern similarly. I'm just fumbling around here and hoping what I make is wearable.

Take a little off the sides.

That's better.

Trimmed down they were pretty much perfect.

Silly, wonderful boy.

Kitty "hugging".

Now I just need to make about 4 more fleece pairs... and then some jeans... and then some lined woven... and then some corduroy....


Rachel said...

Adorable! I made the dumpling pants last night (sans pattern) and they are yet again cute but not quite right. I'm just hoping that I can get a workable pattern by the time he's walking and it's more noticeable ;-)

Michelle said...

I am so jealous with how well you make his clothes! I tried a few years ago making pj pants for K, and he wore them 3 times and the butt ripped out. Eevery single pair. I gave up. Maybe I'll sit down and try again.

Thanks for you comment. It's really sad to know someone else knows the feeling, but comforting at the same time because most people just don't understand. Your words meant a lot today, so thank you for that.

Jessica White said...

I've done that with leftover interfacing...worked great!

I still haven't tried to make any clothes for my daughter lol

Casey said...

Perfect idea for using leftover drapery liner. I've got TONS of it! Any other uses? Seriously, TONS.