Sunday, October 30, 2011

Michael at 21 Months

Supporting the home team!

I'm not too great at documenting all the wonderful stuff my kid does but if I actually documented everything, I'd be so busy that I'd miss a lot of it too... but that doesn't mean that I shouldn't up my effort a little.

Michael is such a great little boy these days. It has been hard, very hard to handle him through much of his life, but lately he's usually so delightful that some of the stress of the earlier days is finally being forgiven/forgotten.

He does a lot of cute stuff that cracks me up. He loves to read and would let us read books to him all day long. He'll sit down with a book and carefully look at the pictures by himself for long periods of time too until he finds something he just has to share and then he'll drag the book over to me shouting about what ever he see in the picture.

He is interested in the different parts of things. He is constantly pointing out parts of a tractor or body parts to us. He's been big on nipples lately, or "nimmels" as he sometimes says. He became a little obsessed for awhile and would stick his hand up his shirt trying to find his nipples and crying out in frustration (I'm guessing because he can't find nipples like the bigguns that mama has).

He loves anything with a wheel on it. Classic boy.

This should have been one of the greatest moments of his life. He loves skid steers (he can even say 'skid steer') and is always begging us to let him up in one. Then he finally gets in one and is totally unimpressed because there's no wheel.

That's better. 

He loves to make animal sounds. He made cookies with me the other day and had the an arm and leg left from a 'gingerbread' man sugar cookie (I only have Christmas cookie cutters) and was dancing it along the coffee table yelling "Horsey! Neigh!". Dang that was cute.

'Horsey! Neigh!' The cookies were yummy, but I want to eat this little boy up!

He such a loving little boy. He loves hugs and asks for them frequently. He's trying to kiss us lately but hasn't really figured it out and just presses his face hard up against ours. When he really enjoys something he will say "Happy" in a whispery voice. I wasn't exactly sure I was hearing him right because I was hugging him one time and I thought I heard him say "Happy". I thought that was a little too cute but then he did it a few more times and I knew I was right. It's pretty darn awesome to hug your child and hear him say "Happy." It melts my heart. He'll repeat "Love you" but hasn't said "I love you" yet.

We've started in on a lot of Montessori stuff at home, and I don't really want to write a post on it now, but it's helping a lot. We are emphasizing picking up after himself and respecting his things and it took a couple of weeks but he's definitely picking up on it and making changes. He puts things away without being asked. I think it's lowered the stress level for both of us. He's very good at following directions so I can ask him to get a rag and clean up a spill he makes or throw something in the trash and he listens. Now if I can just get him to stop pulling the cats' tails, we'll be great shape.

President of the sandbox today, the free world tomorrow!

I sometimes wonder if he has Tourette's Syndrome. When he gets excited (which is nearly all the time) he'll just start shouting words and sounds. Sometimes there is a theme to them (Dark! Moon! Howl! Outside! Dark!) but it's not always clear. It's kinda weird, I've never really seen any other kids do something like it... perhaps he'll get some verbs in there and it will make more sense. I was changing his diaper the other day and he was yelling "Penis! Hole!" (cause we've taught him that pee comes out of the hole in his penis). I thought it was pretty funny. I'm going to stop calling people assholes and start calling them penis-holes. I think penis has definitely surpassed ass in funniness, don't you?


I can't believe this kid is going to be 2 in a couple of months.


Jessica White said...

It's amazing how quickly they grow! He is such a cutie!

Michelle said...

That is so so so funny about the penis hole. I bet it was hilarious to witness that.
He's so cute! A lot of what you say about him, reminds me a lot of Kristopher as a little kid. He was all about books and tractors and animals at that age.
Time goes too fast.

Rachel said...

I love this post and would love to hear all about your Montessori adventures when you have time. We are deep into the Montessori literature over here and I have a long list of Montessori preschool blogs which I peruse for activities.