Wednesday, November 2, 2011


Halloween '11 Recap

Michael went as Max from Where the Wild Things Are.

Let the wild rumpus start!

I was so excited when I saw pictures on Running With Scissors of Jessica's little boy in a Max costume. I knew I wanted to make Michael one for Halloween but didn't really want to figure how to make it. Then, like she was reading my mind, Jessica made a very affordable pattern and problem solved. I think it turned out really well. The problem was that almost no one knew what he was. A lot of people thought he was a bunny (really?) and some thought a kitty or fox (that's a little better). It is a very famous children's book that's been around for quite a while and was recently made into a movie so I was hoping the recognition would be a little higher. I was extremely disappointed in my neighbor that teaches 1st grade missing it. About half way through the night I realized that it was just easier to tell everyone what he was upfront rather than leave them guessing with that puzzled look. I guess that's the price I pay for not just dressing him up as a pumpkin or Thomas the Train.

I took this pic of him the other day messing with the stuff on my dresser. I think he looks kinda like a little squirrel. A naughty little squirrel

He really got into it this year. We tried to get him to say "Trick or Treat" but he'd only give us the "Trick or" part. But he did a really good job saying it until about half way through the the night and then it just became about the candy. As soon as someone came to the door, he couldn't take his eyes off the candy and if they dropped it in the bag without him seeing, he wanted more just to be sure he wasn't being jipped. He was very good about saying thank you at every house, but he stopped and saying it and started signing it by the end of the night.

Give me some candy!

He got a little freaked out by the end of the night and was afraid to take candy from a couple of teenagers with scary masks. But mostly, he just had a blast going to all the houses. We did the "trunk or treat" at my church then did 80% of the neighborhood and he was excited and happy through all of it. (Well, all of it except when we made him get out of the fire truck. He could have spent the whole night behind the well of that thing pretending to drive.

Ok, never mind about the candy, just let me play with this cool truck all night. You can pry me out of here when I fall asleep. 

He got a huge haul. I deemed most of it inappropriate for him to eat.

Sweet! And kudos to the person that gave out pumpkins. Michael loves pumpkins. 

Mom and Dad will see that the inappropriate candy is properly disposed.

We are trying to keep him in the dark about the wonders of candy a little longer (i.e., no chocolate yet).

Oh, and I made him his little candy bag as well. I totally forgot about needing one and used some of the leftover burlap from his birthday and the some craft felt that I had. My husband was disappointed that the bag was so small. I was a little perturbed by that. I reminded him that it was plenty big for ONE year old.

Free and fun. 

He was confused last night when we put him to bed. He wanted to go out again and kept saying "Tick or". Nope, sorry kid, you have to wait a whole year.

I kinda hate that we have to wait a whole more year too. 


Jessica White said...

Cute bag! Adorable costume! You did an awesome job!

Michelle said...

I love the costume. And the bag! You do awesome work. I wish I was creative enough to make more stuff. I'd really like to make K a quilt this winter. We will see...

Morrisa said...

Love the costume! And your little guy did better with Halloween than my almost three year old ;)