Thursday, November 24, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving!

Safe travels and good times.


And I just had to share a great idea I saw. If you have a little one and are wanting to do an Advent calendar, MADE posted a great idea that she's doing with her kids to wrap up 25 Christmas books and open one each day. I don't have a great collection of Christmas books, but I gathered all our up and Grandma gave me a stack and I think I almost have 25 together. I think it would make a great tradition for us and maybe we can add a new book or two in there every year. And Michael LOVES books and reading, so this is really perfect for him/us.


I might go shopping tomorrow... heaven help me.


Michelle said...

Happy Thanksgiving! I like that idea!
I'm crazy. I'm going out to hit stores at midnight, and hoping to be in bed sleeping by 3am because i have 6 kids here for most of tomorrow. I'm more scared of the kids than the shopping

Celia said...

That is a nice idea. Our favorites are Olivia Helps with Christmas and Auntie Claus- which has great illustrations. We are not shopping but I am taking Peter to visit family today. So hopefully I won't get spanked too hard in traffic.

Jessica White said...

I love Christmas books....Jan Brett has a couple of wonderful winter stories.

Happy Thanksgiving!