Wednesday, November 16, 2011


Michael, a very studious child, brushing up on the history of tractors.

We had our first Parents As Teachers visit today.

I feel bad that I didn't sign us up from the start, but with the slashing of the PAT budget, our high incomes, and (what we thought to be a good) daycare, we decided it probably wasn't worth our time. My therapist really encouraged me to sign up, so I finally got the form in awhile ago and we've been waiting.

The assumptions I made were wrong. Apparently your income level doesn't matter. I know that you can qualify for extra visits for certain reasons, but our PAT instructor said that she has to do so many visits per month and that she has more availability during the day, so usually those parents get more visits just for that reason. In fact we have another visit set up for a month from now.

And signing up took all of 10 minutes, the visits are in home... so even if I don't feel like the program is doing that much for us, I'd still say it's worth the small amount of time and effort to sign up.

So our visit wasn't anything too exceptional today. She spent a lot of time talking about the program and some of the introductory stuff. I wouldn't say I got too many great ideas from it, but Michael loves visitors and turned on the charm, so it was fun to see him interacting with her.

One thing we talked about was behavioral problems. Michael is definitely getting into the "terrible twos". He is hitting and kicking quite a bit lately (and consequently visiting the naughty chair just as often). I don't feel it's out of control or anything, but it does really bother me when he hits/kicks the cats (which happens a lot). She gave a pretty reasonable explanation for it... The cats are smaller than him and it's something that he can have power over and it's kind of bullying. I think she might be right. I don't want to say that my one year old is a bully, but he's definitely experimenting with expressing himself. And he loves the kitties most of the time (and they love him even more) so I'm not worried, but that was kinda helpful.

Our PAT center also has "Stop in and Play" during the day which is appealing and might give us another activity for the cold, winter days ahead.

Next week we will go and have his screening done. This interests me and I'm curious to see what is involved there.

The only one that did not enjoy the visit was Bliss. She tried to rub up against the instructors leg, but the instructor was allergic, so I had to take her away. Poor Bliss, I don't think that cat has ever been rejected in her whole life. Don't worry Bliss, you're still cute, I'm sure she wanted to pick you up and squeeze you just like me.

No one can resist the Bliss. 


Sophie said...

That sounds like a great idea. Mirabel is also in the terrible twos. For awhile there, I wasn't sure what to do about the tantrums. I think I'm getting ahold of them a bit better. She isn't a kicker, but she slaps her dad and me. Thankfully she doesn't hit kids...and sometimes she thinks it's a game; I think she likes the shocked look we express after she slaps us, because she gets a big grin. She hates being restrained, so when she does that I hold her hands for 30 secs to a minute, and that seems to get the point across pretty well. Still learning, though. Seems like I have to learn something new with every developmental phase :).

Michelle said...

Awww i love the picture of him reading. So cute.
Zoey use to get so crushed when non pet lovers would visit. She just did not understand why people would not sit and let her crawl all over them.
Something I'm doing with the almost 2 yr old I watch is when he gets into a giant kicking and hitting fit, I'll hold him on my lap, facing outwards. My arms around his so he can't move, and kinda confines him. He calms down quicker with that than when I put him on time out. He flat out refuses to stay on time out though.